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  • Welome to the Al'se'war LARP

    Al'se'war is a live action role playing game of Colonial Fantasy based in the fictional world of Angtheryus, set on the continent of Al'se'war. Which means that even though Angtheryus was moving ahead in its development there were influences such as magic, monsters, and a world splitting war that has caused the Renaissance and the Dark Ages to collide with the age of Jamestown and the American Revolution. The sight of a Knight brandishing longswords, a Colonist loading their musket and a Mage reading Arcanum is a common sight together and perfectly acceptable. This fantastical period is that and more; a mixture of time periods, cultures, and Social mannerisms all thrown into the great mixing pot that is Al'se'war. Where the players can shape the story and change the lands.

    We at Al'se'war strive to give more than a Live action role playing game; What we intend to bring to the player is dramatic immersion into the realm that we created by stretching your creativity and imagination. We strive to bring an interactive theater experience, where your actions have the chance of changing the world for better or worse, a chance to end wars before the world had a chance to morn, and have your name spoken with a breath of admiration or fear.

    The goal is to stress a heavy role play environment; Which means that is expected of the game to provide the most immersive costuming and props as well as encourage players to put their all into building a breathing and beautiful world in Al’se’war. If players are to be expected to follow detail costuming rules, then we as staff and the game as a whole should be held to the same standard. From game on, players will no longer be on earth, They will be in Al’se’war.

    Al'se'war is a live action role play game that is light to medium contact. Meaning, that the game utilizes approved weapons [Latex melee weapons, boffer melee weapons, latex missile weapons, foam air dart guns, and packet missile weapons] to strike at opponents and represent in-game effects and combat. It also allows some physical roleplay; this means gesturing, pickpocketing (in-game items), and lending a helping hand where one is needed.

    The storylines and themes of Al'se'war are varied in order to create a believable and immersive experience. At times these may include mature themes and intense situations. Due to this, no person under the age of 14 may play without express permission from an adult.

    And without further ado! Come share an adventure with us all here in Al'se'war!
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