• Intro to Al'se'war

    No matter what reason drove you from Angtheryus, the continents of Is'lay and Savania are now far behind you. You have embarked to the new world: a strange land of opportunity - and they call it Al'se'war. The boat ride was a grueling 6 months filled with all manner of troubles and toils, yet eventually you made it across the Marius Ocean. Welcome, traveler.

    The stories you have heard of the new world are mostly true. The land seems besieged by all manner of strange new creatures, many of which have never been seen anywhere else. Every where you look, you see the still-fresh scars left by the war with the Mages' Fraternity. The fighting may have been worst here, with Al'se'war cut off from most of the world for the bulk of the war: in places the land is torn and scorched, and in places magic itself seems wounded.

    It seems people of all species and professions have found their way to the cities and towns of this 'new' land. Some came for work, some came for treasure: some came for themselves. But some, the rare few, have come because this country calls to heroes. Yet no matter how many disembark from their tall ships ships, there is more work. There is opportunity everywhere. The people of Al'se'war are always looking for new hands to help with their daily toil and the dangers that beset them from the wild.

    But while this land is new (relative to the homeland), the merchants already seem to own the whole thing. They do their best to keep it in order through the power and authority of their Trading Courts. The Courts collect taxes and keep the peace, and they will let a man earn any way they can as long as he obeys the laws, whether he bends his bank to earn his keep or goes hungry in a shanty town.

    A land of liberty, they call it. So far so good, even with the Trading Court's grasping golden fingers digging into so much new growth... they empower as much as they limit, finding adventurers and heroes the material to explore and grow and face the frontier. The land is still fresh, rife with challenge, from rampaging beasts to haunted forests and the enigmatic remnants of the ancient Aelfnari. Many roads lie before you, adventurer. The road of the merchant. The road of the mercenary. The eldritch lore of the spell-gifted and the bright steel of the warrior can find their place here, even with as the roar of muskets provide cover for the secretive movements of scoundrels and spies.

    Where will your feet will take you?
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