• The History of Al'se'war

    The story of Al'se'war, like many other stories, begins a long time ago in a place far away. The story of the world itself, Angtheryus, has always been like an ephemeral dream turned to nightmare; progress meets greed and then turns to conflict, which leads to destruction... and then progress out of the wasteland, and it all begins again. The Architect must be ashamed to see how we have squandered the many gifts he bestowed on us.

    The story of Al'se'war does not even begin on its continent. Its story begins over the sea, on the continents of Is'lay and Sivania, where trouble grew like so much undergrowth under an adverse sun. The trouble took many faces: social unrest, wars, overcrowded cities or warlords vying for power... the cauldron bubbled, and it seemed that despite the vast space of the continents people were simply running out of room. Then there was a miracle. A merchant vessel, blown off course by a terrible storm, had run across the new land. But, of course, this wonder was cause for strife throughout the land. Kingdoms and governments alike demanded rights over this virgin land, and it seemed like war was far more likely than compromise. At the vent horizon, on the eve of war, two neutral parties stepped in managed to stop the conflict before it could begin. One of the diplomats was of the Aelfen nations, which cared not for wealth. The other was from the newly-formed Mages' College, a place of learning where the nations of the world sent their best and brightest. With these factions' diplomatic ability this tribulation, was overcome and exploration treaties were signed while peace was returned.

    The first people that landed in this new world dubbed it Al'se'war, named after the Settling Commandant: Commodore Elsa Warren. Colonies were settled all over the coastline, and people rejoiced over this bold new frontier. This land's credo was Liberty, Truth, Peace, Strength, Unity, and Progress. It was founded by merchants, entrepreneurs and explorers alike and the eight colonies were established, each with chief exports ranging from agriculture to ores. For a time, life was good for this melting pot of people. After some time since the first ships arrived, the people of Al'se'war became their own culture. The people of the island started learning from one another, sharing their knowledge and their customs. It was a time of discovery and it was a happy time to be alive during this Renaissance. The land was better then the homeland. There had been tragedies but the nature of these people was to learn and move forward. The people heard talks amongst the travelers, and word of rebellion even through the coloniesbut they dismiessed it as just the nature of life. There was a belief that a storm was on the horizon; but the country welcomed it. This country can weather it, they said. It will weather all.

    Soon, A dark cloud moved over the peace of Al’se’war; its people the target, the land its feast. It was not what the country wanted; not all the tragic storm they had expected to weather. This was terror, not tragedy. This was not about Nations, this was subjugation. This was not a rebellion, But a righteous take over. The organization once known as The Mages' College was reforged as The Mages' Fraternity, and it struck out in a sudden fury of power and war centered on the human capital, Alexandria, but its tendrils and assaults were felt all over the world. War broke out on all fronts. Entire nations were subjugated in a matter of days, commonly held freedoms extinguished under the iron staff of the mages; and once the Home Lands were theirs, the assault on Al'se'war began. The people waited in terror, but there were no ships, no vicious land assaults from hidden depths. For six motnhs, the people of Al'se'war waited, expecting the attack at any time... beginning to hope against hope that the Mages' need for domination had skipped over their home.

    Hope can be a foolish thing.

    Suddenly, as if born from the sky and ripped from the Veil, The Fraternity's floating citadel appeared ion the horizon. Spewing smoke from endless furnaces, blinding lights flashing across its girth, it was a floating city unto itself: no rumor could have done it justice. The Fraternity's citadel slowly moved across the sky until it stopped overhead. The people's armies were readied for battle; But to their surprise, Warriors did not step out from the smoking gates of the machine. Envoys of the Fraternity approached the states individually and offered them deals to which The conditions were simply: Submit, or face the terrors of the now powerful Mages' Fraternity. The people of Al'se'war. standing shoulder to shoulder, united. They vowed to never bend a knee to this or any other Fraternity to come.

    In the face of that vow, the envoys returned to the citadel, and fire began to rain down on them even as the armies began to clash, Hordes of monsters pouring from the Floating monument to sate an endless hunger. The war was horrendous as all the fury of the Fraternity spewed out upon this small nation. The Soldiers fought hard to stave off the onslaught... but it was too much. The Fraternity's forces were overwhelming.

    After the conflict, The wounded colonies belonged to the Fraternity. The people were the prisoners of the Fraternity, most were taken for labor, others were starved and locked up and while the rest of the world could only watch. The Mages took everything of academic and material worth, collecting it and locking behind their wicked walls; but the Mages made an error that would prove to be fatal. In their flash of power and arrogance they only took the main cities and their infrastructures, seeing the outlying villages and townships as useless and devoid of threat. This was a grave fault, but there was not much the Mages could have done to prevent it. As later intelligence showed, the reason behind this major folly was the fact that there were simply not enough Mages in the Fraternity to cover all the taken territories. The Fraternity had many Sorcerers, Witches, Warlocks, and other magic using individuals, however all information pointed to the fact that their were only one thousand true Mages in all the Fraternities. All Mages were in use all over the world commanding the armies of the Fraternities. The main force of the Mages were controlled creature constructs; and so the mages were spread thin. Too few. Soon the few remaining Al'se'warian Loyals and their leaders, were able to contact the far off resistances and together they began planning “The Folly.”

    The Folly was a plan comprised to play on the overconfidence of the Mages. It was simple: all factions of the resistance were to attack at once, focusing on the mages rather than their soldiers. The day was set, and the Armies of the resistance and Al'se'war prepared. All now wondered about the outcome of these shots that would be heard around the world. Would it be freedom or would it be death? There were explosions in the sky. War broke out once more, and Al'se'war's army still had some fight left in her. From reports it looks like the resistance began the charge as well. The Toll of war-bells were heard on all corners of the world. Magic, blood, fire, blades, and steel were a blurred sight as Weir had his fill of The Folly. The floating city began its escape from the carnage. However, much to the Mages's dismay, an explosion rocked the Citadel as it made its ascent. Suddenly half the city came crashing into the sea even as the remaining parts of the city disappeared into the sky. The Mages were within their ruin, and the would-be king Del'arios was defeated. This day was named a day of liberty for all, it was called the day of the “Mages Folly.”

    The world was (and is to this day) wounded, so many died in the age of oppression. The number of the dead was impossible to track: droves of people were simply completely lost and one hundred years later the world is on the mend. However, we are free from The Mages, we are free from their manipulation, and free from their Horrid constructs.

    The people began to rebuild here, in Al'se'war, as well as send aid where it would be needed. Compared to other countries across the Merus ocean, Al'se'war did not suffer the brunt of the Fraternity's wrath. In time, the world healed some of its wounds, and again began trading, exploring, learning all it could. The main lands once again felt crowded again with too many rules and not enough room to breathe, and many now look to Al'se'war. This Isle would soon be a bastion to the lost, a star to the forgotten and Home to the many.

    So now we are here in a scarred world with a country of dreams governed by the few. It is a good time to be alive and to journey across the sea. Whatever your reason, whatever you seek, it is here in the land of promise these weird isle of Al'se'war.

    -Miraclu, Trading Court
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