• Trading Courts

    The Trading Courts are an Aristocracy based on the thought that if there is to be a governing party, that this party will have both checks and balances and that absolute power will never fall in the wrong hands again as well as prevent Singular individuals to hold all power.

    The Trading courts are composed of Seven Gentry members, These seven individual Gentry members and their families were chosen by the ruling classes and other members long ago (I.E. other nobles and other gentry members) to govern the economy. The current Seven members of the trading courts Gentry are the seven most largest Business owners in all of Al’se’war, with families that date back to the first settlers of the Isle.

    However to give the courts a singular purpose a “King” is elected from the courts to give a unified purpose every year. The king is elected based on a financial proposal plan they make to the courts and a court vote. A Financial plan may include anything from investments, tax rates, importing /exporting, food, resource price increases, law changes and change trade allowances from the other countries. Then once the king is elected its the king's purpose to see that his or her financial plan is seen to fruition and to be a tie breaking vote in the trading court's day to day decisions. There is no limit on how many times a gentry member may hold the position.

    During the reign of this elected official there is a meeting every six months to discuss the current year and the state of the country and all its holdings. During these gatherings all information will be brought forth on the state of things based on a financial outlook. If the King is doing well in his plan and all other negative matters are non existent the King may continue his reign till the end of the year, and they will receive an extra vote for the next years election. However if the kingdom is struggling, the court will pay for all the losses and to level out the ledgers. They will be demanded to increase his productivity to insure a better rest of the year and will receive no extra vote.Finally, if the King has failed and his plan collapses in on itself the gentry of the courts will pay for all losses and depose the King in place of his runner up. The now deposed king will both not be able to run again for at least a year and may lose his seat on the courts if the infraction is severe enough.

    Current Nobles of the Trading Courts:

    Baron Te O Duelo Nicodemo Florencio
    Lord Ke'denn Da'rehl Tydenn
    Baron Oane S Farmine, Stone Vein clan
    Lord Irvine Vaughn III
    Baron Augustinus “F” (Flavia) Maxentius
    Countess Sylvaine Ninette Domitille
    Lady Maja Sylvia Henrike
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