• Judges

    There are three Judges, and only ever three judges. The reason behind the Number is so that there is never a stalemate in their deliberations. The Judge's duty is to police the continent under the 3 Laws delivered down from the God of Law and justice. The Judges are described as imposing figures clad in armor, that is etched with the laws of their order. The Order was created to watch over the lands as well as protect the people and their interests.

    The three laws of the Judges:

    • To serve and protect
    • All are Innocent before proven guilty
    • Do no harm, and defend

    None of these laws apply to non Sentient beings (i.e monsters or animals) and in times of war. These laws also only apply to the Judges and they must coincide and carry out sentencing as well as enforcing all local laws that are passed down through the local government and ruling parties.

    Current active Judges:

    • Judge Dune Iudex
    • Judge Aulira Danycia
    • Judge Oze Stilio

    All persons of Al'se'war are given these rights that were laid down by the Founders of country. These rights are subject to be changed by the ruling Gentry as long as they hold true to the founders original beliefs which were Liberty, Truth, Peace Strength, Unity, and Progress.

    Al'se'warian rights:

    • The right to freedom of speech
    • The right to bare arms
    • The right to pursue profit fairly
    • The right to worship freely
    • The right to assembly
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