• Criminal rights and Judicial Proceedings

    The Laws Vary depending on the Noble that becomes King at the time, however, small matters of crime and punishment still go the the local authorities such as the Magistrate as well as Guards. However, if the crime is severe enough a Judge will be summoned. All infractions of the law have a form of punishment, including fines, seizure of property, incarceration of perpetrators and Death.

    Rights of Criminals:

    The laws permit suspects all their rights, however suspects can be detained for 24 hours for questioning and evidence gathering before they are sentenced by an official of Al'se'war. During that time it is the ruling officials discretion to keep them detained or release them until all evidence and statements have been gathered. If the suspect flees then a bounty with a warrant will be put out on them and they will be assumed guilty.

    Judicial Proceedings:

    Once all evidence, statements, testimonies, etc have been gathered they will be presented to the presiding official for private review; After which the official will bring in the offender and ask their plea. Once they have issued their plea they will be made aware of the evidence that has been provided and any other charges that are being brought against them. Then the suspects case will be deliberated and judgment will be passed. If there is a sentence it will be carried out shortly after. However, if it is a Judge making a field deliberation all previous proceeding are forgone and the judge's ruling is absolute and will be carried out by the Judge alone.

    Order of Society in Matters of Law:

    Local Magistrate
    Grey men
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