• The Coliseum

    The Coliseum is a large structure with a town built around it at the center of the Colonies. The Coliseum was originally constructed by the Mages Fraternity some time during the war as both a penal facility to house prisoners, criminals, and political decedents as well as act as a magic research and development facility. Once the war ended the Facility was reclaimed and repurposed as both an Asylum for the disturbed and a prison for Al'se'war's criminals.

    The Coliseum serves as both prison and parole for criminals due to the fact that they may be given special dispensation to participate in the Coliseums games and bouts to win their freedom. These bouts are decided by the honorary Gentry member Maully Thernton on a case by case basis. The Coliseumis not only a place for criminals and the crazed. The Coliseum also Hosts many Games and bouts that are broadcast all over Al'se'War with the help of some repurposed Mage Fraternities equipment for entertainment purposes. Many signup to join the Coliseum to garner fame and fortune in the only trade that they have to offer, That trade being one of Violence. The Coliseum hosts many games and bouts that are about pitting humanoid versus humanoid or humanoid versus monster in exciting matches of bloody survival. This has given rise to the Town that has cropped up over the years surrounding the Coliseum. The town's name is Los Gladius and is governed by the Warden and her private police force in accordance to Al'se'warian law. The town may appear shady at first glance but given its proximity to the prison and the strength of the private police force it employs it is one the safest towns in all the country.
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