• The Mages Fraternity

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    The Mages Fraternity
    The Mages college was started at the beginning of the creation of the Human countries aristocracy. One of their first missions bestowed upon them from the ruling classes was to consolidate all the knowledge of the world and study the ancient cultures that were lost to time. The second goal, was to train as many as were willing to use magic and wanted to learn academia. After a long period of time, they separated the college from the aristocracy then became a stand alone institution. The Mages built a great city around the college to house the greatest minds of the world and called it Pedagog. The Mages educated the masses, no matter an individual persons station. All was good at the benevolent college and the world praised them for their advances, they thanked and gave them more and more liberties in the pursuit of progress. All thought this growth to be a good thing; the Mages were everywhere, their designs and machinations were in people’s homes. Mages were in their cities helping to teach and guide the young, Magical sages were advising leaders all over the continents, they were in our militaries assisting in all manner of things. Some time later during what they would call their 'golden age', a new Mage came to the city of magic. His name was Del’Arios, and he began to rise through the student body with his multiple theories of the merger of Engineering and Magic, then the staff with a standpoint on curriculum change and expectations of students. After only 25 years the Mage was elevated to the title Autorach of the college. After he was granted his new station, many changes to the college took place; the curriculum changed, shying away now from the sciences and standard Academia and more towards the use and the control of magic in all of its forms. The college now became an institute for the elite, changing the name from the Mages college to the Mages Fraternity and turned away all lesser classes and only has a curriculum based on Magic and its uses. Little did the world know that this was a prelude to what was to come.

    After a few more years had passed, the college moved further and further from just being an educational facility and then moved into the political spotlight calling for some extreme reforms. They held an assembly with the newly named Autarch Del’arios. He was quoted in front of the masses and a royal congression:

    “What fortuity nations have, they are filled with people that do not think... I Believe that I am acting in Accordance with the will of the enlightened masses, by defending myself no all of us from these ignorant whelps that are called Aristocracy, Governmental bodies and Congresses. I am demanding a world regime change. A change that will put we the Mages in command,.. we the Mages the ones that brought this world out of its dark ages, the ones that you children owe your current lives to. I want to thank Providence for naming me the one to lead us and you. And let all know that those that stem the tide of this peaceful revolution and deny us and our demands, we Mages will make it violent and take what is rightfully ours.”

    With that, the world took his speech as sedition and treason to the governments that created them and supported them, so they set out to end the Fraternity of mages, but they were too late. When the Armies approached the city of the mages the city vanished, leaving only a large pit where the city once stood. It was the literal rise of the Mages, they had discovered a way to levitate the city and separate themselves from the land and began their own strike on the world. Soon after the disappearance of the city armies of Gigantes, constructs, and creatures never seen on this world started to appear lead by Mage and Artificer alike, and with that the the War of the Mages Folly had begun.

    The Mages Fraternity sent representatives ahead of their armies with their only terms of surrender “Submit or die.” Many of the outlying settlements were left alone, while cities would either submit or be raised to the ground, this was the only mistake the Fraternity would make during the beginning. From those settlements a resistance rose to the oppression of the mages that would then reach out to all other sympathizers. This new resistance would strike out at the mages at every turn. At first, it was small raids, supply interruption, and would then move armies against them. In the time span of 100 years the war ended, sending half the city of mages crashing into the continent of Al’se’War’s inland sea and the other half limping across the sky. The world was free, so it seemed. Free from the oppression of the mages and free to create its own future for the people and by the people.

    The Hierarchy of the Mages Fraternity:

    Autarch - The most powerful mage recognized in the fraternity who rules with absolute power and dictates how Fraternity resources will be used and to whom they are allotted.

    The Consilium - Made up of three position’s they are the three most powerful mages under the Autarch and each of them vies to be more powerful and subversive than the others. Although rare, sometimes one of the Consilium is deposed by either outside means or by one of their Ascendents, whereby either the Ascendent they’ve chosen or the one that deposed them takes their place. This happens infrequently and members are most vulnerable right after appointment.

    Ascendent - Six ascendents exist at one time, two each for every one of the Consilium. The two ascendents under each member of the Consilium are subtly encouraged to outthink and undermine the other to garner favor with their master without being overt about it. Whichever suitably impresses their master is chosen as the successor when they die (either by old age or elimination from an outside source) though if the master is killed by one of his ascendents then that ascendent takes his place as the new member of the Consilium. If killed by one of their Rivalis, that rivalis then takes the place of the previous Ascendent, if not the Rivalis that is named as successor takes the place of the predecessor.

    Rivalis - Eighteen rivalis exist at one time, three for each of the Ascendents. Like the Ascendents, they are encouraged (though not as subtly) to outwit, undermine, or outright kill each other to garner favor with their master and be named the next Ascendent in the event of their passing (which is usually from an outside source, and occasionally from said rivalis). However, if they are witnessed killing another Rivalis they are subject to immediate disciplinary action : death. Should a Rivalis die not from another rivalis but from a mage, said mage then takes their place.

    Mage - All full members not belonging to the Consilium, Ascendants, or Rivalis are simply known as ‘Mage’. Easily the largest group within the Fraternity, it is also the most diverse. Personalities range from those simply wanting to research and learn as much as possible, to those wishing to rule and climb the hierarchy ladder, and everything in between the two extremes.

    Neophyte - Neophytes are those who have not yet become full members of the Fraternity. They are commonly used as ‘Go-fers’ and perform the most menial and undesirable tasks until they gain full membership status.
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