• Blood Magic

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    Blood magic, first and foremost, is the practice of using blood—life itself—as a potent fuel for casting spells. This life may be supplied by either the Caster or sacrifices, whether they willing or unwilling. As such, the use of blood magic often allows a Caster to cast spells that would otherwise be beyond the abilities of any Caster, or require the use of Components.

    Blood magic is not considered a Focus of its own. Rather, it is seen as a means to augment spells from any other Focus. In time, however, Mages discovered certain spells that could only be performed using the power of blood. There are Rights that can be cast using both willing and unwilling Sacrifices

    Blood magic can also be used to summon demons into the corporeal world, manifesting physically or by possessing a host body (living or dead). Often times, however, the demons will possess, kill, or completely ignore the blood magic caster who summoned them. It is possible however, to influence creatures of the Dark realm to do one's bidding by forcing them into servitude via intimidation or pledging one's Spirit to them.

    Demons for example, require little in the way of bribery. Their natural state is one of longing for the world of the living. If a Caster is strong, a demon will seek to possess him or her not through force but through guile. Should a caster offer them a respite from their eternal search for the divine spark through a deal, a Caster can negotiate a demon's compliance for a time, though one should be aware that demons are well-versed in the art of manipulation and will seek to possess the caster or turn there wants to ultimately the demon/spirits desire. Should the demon get the upper hand, it will result in the Caster losing control of the creature and with that loss the demon will attempt to overtake the caster and seek to take their power to tear open the veil and release more of the those that dwell in the dark realm unto the world.

    In the contemporary world, blood magic is described as being one of the more sinister types of magic. There has been a combined effort over countless years by most if not all of the worlds governments to have the practice of the art eradicated. In fact, blood magic is so rare in in Angtheryus now that it can typically only be learned by contacting a demon, or reviewing old Fraternity research texts.

    Common wisdom holds that there is no way to use blood magic with good intentions. Even casters who tap their own blood often find a need for the power of others. The use of blood magic itself is treacherous; as it allows the Veil to be opened so that demons may physically pass through it into the physical world. The Fear of blood magic has grown so much it has even been stigmatized even in some non-magical fields of research for example anatomical studies..

    However, not all see blood magic as inherently evil. The old Mages college used blood Magic during the times before the war. They used their “dark” magic for the good of the people, protecting them, healing their crops, and their bodies. The most powerful Mages who reigned at the height of the Mages Fraternity were even able to use blood magic to physically cross into the Dark Realm — a feat which required the ritual sacrifice of countless life's and over two-thirds of the Components in the Fraternities vaults (a feat which has never been accomplished since the war of the folly). The Mages of the Fraternity during the war times were known to keep numerous people, prisoners, and apprentice's on hand as blood sacrifices for particularly arduous rituals and decisive battles.

    Angtheryus recognizes the dangers of its use and strictly forbids the usage of blood magic. The worlds Governments have convened and agreed under treatise on the the worlds internationally recognized laws. Casters using blood magic are labeled as criminals and hunted by local law enforcement. Generally, all offenders that are captured are killed or imprisoned for life.

    Ancient lore and present-day research hint that blood magic holds the key to incredible powers yet undreamed of, or long thought lost. Such power generally requires a terrible sacrifice though. These deeds that are paid in blood and the cost of lives of others and even one's own Spirit. As such, while blood magic itself is merely a tool, it is by far the most dangerous means to any end in the realm of Angtheryus.
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