• The Divines

    The Divines are Gods, Chaos lords and Devils. They rule over the verse and are the most powerful entities that dwell within it. There are many forms of Divines in the world:

    The strongest and the oldest are, the True Gods. Beings of the verse with eternal control over the ebb and flow of life and existence.

    There are the lesser gods, birthed by the actions of mortals and raised by others to the station of deity.

    There are the Divals, Worshiped like deities by spirits, demons and mortals alike. The Divals are birthed by the actions of mortals that warranted such dark admonishment.

    There are the Devils, demons with deity like powers.

    There are the Chaos Lords that dwell within the Eye of Oblivion and float among the void. The Chaos Lords are beings that are blacker than the absence of light. It is even said that all negative emotion and energies flow from their realm.
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