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    The Aelf's are the descendants of the Aelfnarie. How they came to be is unknown even to their greatest scholars. Their origins are a heavy point of debate between Aelfen and other worldly scholars alike. What they do know is that part of their makeup comes from plant's this assists them in their ability to manipulate Etherical energies so well, and with that comes their longevity; an Aelf can live up to the age of 900. However, from a more scientific point of view there are very few species known that they could have originated from found on the planet Angtheryus.


    The Aelf are direct descendants of the Alfnarie, a once advanced and proud race. Now the Aelf are no more than a Shadow of the once great masters of magic Alfnarie; the ones that could turn will into power itself. Aelf live within the once great citadels of the Alfnari now rebuilt as the capital Aymon, the city stronghold Shalendra, and the newly rebuilt Amkissra. TheAelf, for nearly 1000 years, have done everything to rekindle their lost cultures and knowledge while acting as guides to the younger races. They have assisted with the development of current day math, sciences, crafts, and magic in most other societies and flourish as a people. However, there was still conflict within during this period. In the Aelf society there are two beliefs. For the Tu'toni they believed it was better to leave the past where it was, buried and gone; the Vibani believed it was better to let nature run its natural course with the other races to not get involved with other groups. This caused a rift between the two in the Aelf society. Both groups and other like minded people left the Citadel to strike out on their own in the world.

    After the reclamation of their homes and the established routes around the world were made the Aelf turned their gaze outward, now wanting to share what knowledge they had gained from their predecessors with the rest of the world. The Aelfen's pride of their accomplishment blinded them to the damage in sharing the very same knowledge that drove their peoples predecessors into extinction. Despite their fears they believed that with help from other countries as well as from the Mages Fraternity, and with the proper guidance, they would finally be able to unlock their Ancestors secrets. Now, with this knowledge all the countries set out to learn more of the lost Alfnari technologies and magical secrets, with this a knowledge rush arose. What came from this rush was a few border disputes between countries and outbreaks of violence do to the lust for this forgotten knowledge but not all was bad. A new realm of technologies merged with magic came from this and the Artificer was born. The Aelf's saw the harm that they were doing outweighed the good with the offer of lost secrets and turned to the one institution they trusted the most, the Mages Fraternity. With their help they approached multiple kingdoms with the promise that they would share all their findings equally and fairly if they would allow this Multi-kingdom institute to do the research for them. With that it was decided that the Fraternity take over all research on the Alfnari. The Aelf's sang their praise all the while not realizing what they had done.

    One day, before the war, the Aelf capital received a surprise guest. Delariose himself came to the kingdom. Entering the Royal hall he spoke with King Ohreig of the Alelfen people on the Fraternities findings. King Ohreig rejoiced and received this guest personally. Delariose smiled and greeted the king. He said little more than the following “We have found the Alfnari's Legacy, my liege.” he said with a bow.
    The King asked with growing curiosity “And what is that?”

    The King barely got the words out of his mouth before all went to black. Hordes of Machines spitting black smoke invaded his city darkening their skies with smoke as fires started appearing. The King shocked and enraged turned to Delariose and shouted “What is the meaning of this!”

    Delariose smirked and in a flash the King was gone. The Mages Fraternities first strike was at the Kingdoms of the Aelf's with their Infernal Golums driven by the Aelfnari Chaos Theorem. The Infernal Golums proved too powerful for most Aelf Mages and Militia and given the numbers they faced their fall was inevitable. The Mages enslaved the Aelf's and took over their cities within five days. After that the Artificers went to work taking all their gathered Aelfnari information, and stealing all the found Ancestral heritage of the Alfnari. The Aelf called out for help, however it was far too late and by the time their messages reached the other kingdoms, they too had felt the the Fraternities sting. The Aelf were enslaved and interned into camps. And occasionally the Mages would pull one Aelf out of these camps for research subjects, most did not return. What Aelf's that did escape formed pocket resistance groups one was known as the Witch Hunters, a group that used their natural resistance to Magic as a strength and struck out against the Fraternity with extreme prejudice.

    Ninety eight years under Mages rule passed the Aelf's began to slip through the Mages grips little by little. The Aelfen bided their time learning to counter the Mage’s magic, as well as learning how their machines worked. However, no matter what they did it seemed like the Occupation of the Aelf's had only two outcomes, they would continue as they were until they received help, or it would all end in their genocide. So they went to the other resistance cells in the neighboring countries for help and heard of the Day of the Folly strategy. The strategy seemed contrite, but at this point it was this strategy or extinction. They knew the fraternity would outlast any other siege they could do, so with that the Aelf participated in the Day of the Folly.

    Witch Hunter and Aelf Mages would lead the charge at the appointed hour while other fighters backed them up. Their goal was to capture or kill all Artificers who were the operators of the Infernal Golums and with that loss the Fraternities main occupying force would be crippled. They began their charge and were greeted at the front line. They were large blue bestial things that appeared to look like Orcs or Trolls. The Aelfs were curious be they friend or foe. They were confused until one shouted “DOWN WITH MAGES!!!!” and charged into the lines of their enemies.

    All confusion was lost and the Aelf's charged behind their odd Allies. The battle was hard, yet no victory is ever easy won. The Day of the Folly was a success and surprisingly their allies made sure that there were as few as could be Aelf causalities. That day is the day the Aelf's met the Trokers, a biological weapon that had now turned on its former master, the Mages. They were celebrated as Aelf heroes, given whatever they needed and then the Trokers left to the open sea to find their own home.

    After the War with the Mages (Day of the Folly) the Aelf recovered. Fortunately the Aelf's homelands were not too damaged and the cities could be rebuilt. Little to no remains of those taken from the camps were ever able to be recovered during their Hundred Year Occupation. The Aelf's at this point taken aback by their own prideful folly knew that the knowledge of the Aelfnari should be sealed and only shared within their own halls, and that the past should stay in the past. So from here on out the Aelf's vowed to work towards a better tomorrow instead of building on their corrupting past.

    Now with the Cities rebuilt and the war far behind them the Aelf's Flourish again. Studying to be great mages, learning and building on new ideas, and creating a more peaceful world to live in. The Aelfen cities are filling up with all manner of people and more is being built upon their lands. However, it is said that a new continent has been discovered intriguing Aelfen young and old alike to set sail and start anew.


    Aelfs are naturally good natured people. Aelfs believe that nothing should be done hastily and that anything worth doing is worth putting time into it. However, do not think this means that the Aelfen are unproductive. The Aelf are extremely goal oriented and will work without rest at times to complete a goal, a study, or even some tasks. Aelfs are not easy to anger with an insult, however they will get angry if continued to be pushed. Aelfs feel a wide array of emotions however every emotion that they feel is tempered with the fact that this is but a brief moment in their existence that will pass.

    Racial Description

    • An Aelf has natural skin tones with a bronze to goldish hues on their face.
    • At least 3 ½ inch pointed ears.
    • A ridging on the bridge of their nose.


    The Aelfen get along with most other child races, as the Aelfen call them. This is due to the fact that their race has lived for so long. The Aelfen have served other kingdoms in a plethora of roles over time. Thus the Aelf believe that within the diversity of the world lies its true beauty. The Aelf hold no racial prejudices, however they do have a disdain for any and all Fraternity members and possible descendants.


    The three metropolises of the Aelfen are Capital Aymon, the city stronghold Shalendra, and Amkissra. Aelfen can also be found in most other large cities.


    Most commonly practiced religions are Augorus, the Divine of Magic and Knowledge. And to Farash the Alfnari star.
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