• Gnomes


    The gnomes are an ancient people, and long-lived, often making it to as old as 150 years. Surface dwellers, at first the same as dwarves, when the storms drove the Dwarves underground, the gnomes found safety in a valley that was sheltered by the very spires of the mountains. They endured, and started to build their homes in the slopes and hills of what they called (and still do) The Emerald Valley, and in time they became a separate race from the others, they were the gnomes, the others the dwarves. However, as close as they were to the dwarves, it led to many conflicts. The Gnomish homeland was laid siege by the Mages Infernal machines ( Machines that are highly magic based). While these machines billowed smoke and spit fire they marched with their masters over the well prepared Gnomish army straight through to the capitol and then the gnomes homeland was enslaved to the will of the Fraternity. Once the mages occupation began the gnomes were forced to turn their factories into plants that produced oddly shaped equipment, gears, and crystals that was used in the mages' war and research efforts.

    Despite the loss of their homeland the Gnomes never lost hope. What they did instead was play along with their captors gain their confidence and a trusting eye. Once that trust was gained, they poured all their efforts into stealing away parts munitions and machines and delivered improvised weapons to the resistance. All while preparing for a counter attack to free themselves. After years of study they found a way to employ magnetized munitions to gum up the mages' machines and on the Day of the Folly they attacked with the rest of the world. They freed their home and used the now modified airships to take the fight to the fraternity's floating stronghold and within the day the gnomes with the help of the world one freedom back for all.

    The war left its mark on the Gnome's homeland. Many were lost and a lot of their capital was converted for the war effort, however the Gnomes looked forward to the challenge to rebuild it all better, faster, and more advanced than ever. Now at present, the gnomes have returned to their ways, they have rebuilt their homes and restored their factories. And now they have the largest flying naval presence in all of Al'se'war. They have made booms in advancing the technologies and their crafts. Gnomes technologies are prized and coveted around the world ,and they are known as great inventors of steam powered machines; anywhere from the steam powered automatic tea pot to the great airships that fly through the sky.


    Germanic first names, and family names afterwards. Heinrich Blondebottom; Greta Bluewhistle.


    The Gnomes are bright race, thoughtful and inquisitive. They are prone to pontificating for hours simply on ideas, with a fascination for innovation, something they pour all their abundant, almost hyper energy into. Curiously, while they are often a fun and loving people, they don't have room for much for frivolity in their ideas as inventing is serious business. It is the future and the trademark of their race and results are necessary. Experimentation is important, but if their big ideas don't produce anything, even as little as advancement on another idea, the Gnome is shamed.


    Gnomes, as a whole, are not a religious people. They don't have time for it. They have their machines, their inventions and their ideas. Those things are concrete, they don't have the effort to spend on something so esoteric. They believe in the power of ideas, and that's why they operate in a republic- the idea of rule by dictators with stale ideas, or even by a small family of oligarchs or elders seems simply intellectual suicide to them. They believe in holding grudges, however, and can hold them for decades, especially with dwarves, who they blame for colluding with the Mage's Fraternity during the war. They think the dwarves gave over too easily, and are convinced the dwarves helped the mages in their conquest. After all, many of the infernal machines were made with dwarven metalcraft. They like complex tools, with all sorts of bells and whistles, as opposed to the dwarves' stoic simplicity. A six barrel rotating pistol with a clock built into the stock and a long scope with matching compass sounds like a dream come true.
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