• Gigantes


    No one living knows the races of the Gigantes's origins, the world only knows the sounds of the Gigantes's drums and their war cries. The Gigantis originally came from the west on crude boats and raided many seaside villages. Until they gained a solid foothold on the western coast of Savani, at what once was the human capital of Griswald. Once their beach front was gained they began to colonize and spread their kind all over the known world. The wandering tribes and war bands of the Gigantes presence was either met with peaceable results or war. Later it was found that within these tribes of war bands not all Gigantes were the same; there are actually four different types of this species.

    The militant leaders of the tribes of Gigantes are known as Orcs, being what seems to be the smartest and the closest to what appears to what a society would claim to be the first class citizens. These creatures lead the tribes with an iron fist as chiefs. The Orcs have a belief that they keep what they kill and war trophies have an extreme significance in the Gigantes tribes, for example the chief position is won by killing the last chief. The Orcs are fierce in battle and seem with their anger to grow stronger. The Orcs are the most aggressive of the Gigantes that raid, pillage, and battle other creatures as a mere sport. The Orc have a hatred and distrust of other cultures, and often attack such organizations on sight. The Orcs are usually planning raids or practicing their fighting skills. Most orcs encountered away from their homes are warriors either seeking personal glory or in service with other military’s. Male and Female orcs pride themselves on the number of Mates they own and children they sire, as well as their battle prowess, wealth, and amount of territory. They wear their battle scars proudly and ritually scar themselves to mark significant achievements and turning points in their lives. However the Orc believes that all spoils of war are to be shared in the tribe equally, and that no one other than the chief is greater than the other.

    Then there is the the Ogre, the larger bread of the Gigantes, the Ogre is a hulking brute. Ogres are big, ugly creatures that live by raiding and scavenging. The Ogre is what one would consider the mentally slower race of Gigantes, however given their size, general ferocity, and physical prowess they make up for most of their mental shortcomings. Ogres solve problems by smashing them, what they can’t smash, they will ignore. The Ogre in times of peace appears to others as something akin to a workhorse used for their strength to build and labor however, in times of war, they are used as shock troopers leading at the head of war band attackers. The Ogre though at its truest nature is not inherently as violent as its other kinsmen; they are more docile, until angered. The Ogre will dwell within Gigantes tribal groups, and war bands. When solitary the Ogre will occupy any convenient location and eat nearly anything they can catch, steal, or slay. Ogres accept mercenary service with other humanoid groups and are sought after, due to their ferocity in combat.

    The third species that is found within the Gigantes tribes is the Goblin. The Goblin is a third class citizen and is treated very poorly by the rest, due to its physical weakness and its conniving nature. However, if the Goblins are left unchecked, their cunning disposition enable them to overrun and despoil civilized areas. The Goblin have almost no concept of privacy or honor. Goblins survive by raiding and stealing, sneaking into lairs, villages, and even towns by night to take what they can and learn what they need. They are not above ambushing travelers on the road and stripping them of all their possessions. The Goblin may be the weakest of the Gigantes however some say that they are the smartest of them all. This species is primarily used within the tribes as servants and expendable soldiers. However it is said to never turn ones back to this species, less someone wants to end up with a dagger in it. When not in the Gigantes tribes or war bands the Goblin can be found living wherever they can, from dank caves to dismal ruins. Goblins often settle near civilized areas to raid for food, livestock, tools, weapons, and supplies. Once a Goblin is finished with a locale, it simply packs up and moves on to the next convenient area. The Goblin belief is nothing is forbidden, and all is permitted.

    The final species of the Gigantes is the Troll, and the Troll is the most odd out of all the Gigantes tribes. The Troll is an outcast of its own society, being mildly intelligent and the strongest of the species, by tribal rights it should lead the war bands however the creature prefers it solidarity and seclusion. However this breed of Gigantes should not be taken lightly; these mighty creatures know of their capabilities and their ability to regenerate wounds, even one that would prove to be fatal. The Troll may not appreciate its own peoples much it is said that they prefer the company of other races much more.

    The Gigantes society is very competitively equalist; this meaning that no one tribes men should have more than the other, and all should be shared equally. However the chief’s position is allowed more ,due to the burden that the chief must bear, that burden being the well being of the tribe. The Gigantis society is patriarchal, females are prized possessions at best, and chattel at worst, however this does not mean that Gigantis females are weak, most are craftsmen and just as powerful as the males of their society, however; they are not given right to claim war trophies or status within tribes. The Gigantis that wish for more than what their tribe can offer will leave, and the ones that leave are known as the forgotten; these forgotten seek for more in the foreign lands. Some forgotten are even sighted as starting multi species mercenary bands, or hiring themselves out as warriors, soldiers, assassins, and body guards.

    The Gigantes's history is steeped in war battle, skirmish, victory and defeat. The first and greatest victory, and most notable point, was the war of the coast, where they wiped out the human capital of Griswald. The Gigantes took the city of stone killing all that resisted and enslaving the rest and changed the city forever. The Capital is now called Rasor. After many attempts and battles, the Gigantes proved to be entrenched in their new location and unmovable. Many were enraged by this outcome, however it could not be helped as they had earned their place. After much time had passed and many battles, the nations of the world held a conference and invited a representative of the Gigantes to come. However what took place was that the leader of the main Gigantes tribe arrived Chief Rekgar, after much deliberation and debate a diplomatic solution was made. The Gigantis, by their tribal rights, were allowed to keep all the spoils of their war land, people, and territories. The world nations made a treaty of nonaggression with the tribe leader. However even this was seen as victory for the chief, exonerating him to the new title of Kaiser. Though the main tribe and its Kaiser were not permitted to bring new war to others, less face the wrath of all nations combined bent exterminating them. The other tribes and war bands were not under any obligation to do so; they left the city of Rasor in attempts to garner their own victories and honor. This is why all over the Continent's Silvania, Is'lay, and Al'se'war a person can find or run afoul war bands and their forts. However these incursions are usually kept to smaller scales and even at times can be beneficial to cities. At times city's militias have joined the war bands to fight common foes bandit clans, invading armies, and other war bands. So these incursions are looked at with more a slight annoyance than a full threat.

    Before the war, the Gigantes knew nothing of the word Mage, and cared little for the word magic. The Gigantes believed in the purity of battle, life, and victory by the sweat of their own brow. Yet still even with these beliefs there would be the occasional healer and shaman; they were seen as impure and unable to earn honor or trophies, so the role was left to the females of the tribes, and a title was to those that filled those roles as Crowns. During this time the Gigantes were struck with an odd plague that would kill them by the dozen, it did not matter where they were, who they were, or how strong they were; the Gigantes fell. Mostly the dead and the dying were gathered up and burnt, yet still the plague persisted. When word reached the Fraternity of the plague and that learning was almost unheard of; they began humanitarian efforts to educate and heal the masses. The effort was rocky at first, however they were able to heal the tribesmen of the Gigantes. Then they began educating them and teaching the Gigantes the value of numbers and words in combat and life outside of combat which lead to better overall strategies, weapons and living conditions. And so schools and teachers were established in the Gigantes tribe lands; to teach the uneducated masses whatever they wanted to learn. Which lead to a golden age for the Gigantes less diseases, stronger weapons and more powerful Crowns. They were all but taken in by the kindness of the Fraternity; the victory went to the Mages this day. The year before the rise of the Mages the city was to be visited by the newly named Autorach of the Fraternity, Del'ariose was his name. Upon the visit Del'ariose posed a question to the Kaiser “What is your peoples impression of the known world?” which the Kaiser responded “soft and complacent.” The Autorach offered to make a better world for the Fraternity, and the Kaisers people, to which Del'ariose responded give us your strength and your Crowns, and I will show you a pure world. The wary Kaiser agreed to his terms, thinking that if he betrayed him that their armies were greater and to let him have his chance, under the promise of great struggle. So after the Bargain of 1000 Crowns and magically gifted Gigantis of varying species were given scholarships and sent to the New Fraternity.

    At the end of that year the Fraternity held true to their bargain and the city itself appeared over the Capital Razar, like a signal that it was time and horns and drums were sounded and the armies marched with the abominations of the Fraternity helping to lay waste counties and their territories. The blood lust was fulfilled and the sensation of the need for war was fulfilled. However the question stood what was it that happened to the Crowns. Goblin soldiers saw them out and reported their findings to the Kaisar; they had been changed eyes covered, always weeping, large bronze contraptions were placed over their head and bodies, color had been drained from their skin, and there magic was so great they killed platoons of gigantes in droves. “These were not Gigantes these were abominations.” reported the scout. An enraged Kaisar went to Del'arious and demanded an explanation for this treachery, Del'arios glared and said ”The explanation is simple, you all had served your purpose.” with a gesture a chamber door opened and a large blue toned skinned humanoid stepped out. At first it looked like an oddly colored Gigantes, then a cold dread fell over the Kiasar it was all Gigantes. This hybrid was an abomination. Then at day break a broken and dead Kaisar was found in his throne room, and at dusk the ill prepared city was attacked by all the Fraternity’s forces. The Gigantes forces were laid low that day, unable to combat the magical horrors.

    After the battle that crushed their capital, the Gigantes's remaining people were taken and used to build and labor for the Fraternity. They were interned into labor camps, used to smash rock and mine. The captured tribes were broken up and sent all over the world, their zealotry used against them as they were intermixed with other tribes and people. The Gigantes were bested and beaten in every way the Fraternity could. Until the most unlikely ally approached their tribes that escaped, A Griswald noblemen Marx and Miskin named Captain Kelly, these two invited them into the resistance. And with that the Gigantes spirit was renewed the battle was to be rejoined, now armed with dwarven and Gnomish weapons there numbers reinforced with their new compatriots they fought hard to free their kinsmen all over. With every camp taken with every skirmish won the Gigantes forces grew in Number until they were the War-band again. On the Day of the Folly, it was the Iron fist of the Gigantes that lead the final charge on the Magic Capital aboard Gnomish carriers and blitzed the capital. It is said that it was thanks to the sacrifices of the Gigantes, storming the defenses of the Magic capital, that a victory was delivered that day.

    After the war was won, and the Mages left in ruin, the Gigantes returned to their capital Razor to rebuild. People all over were worried due to the return of the Griswald noble. The new Kaiser had only one meeting with the young man, and it ended peaceably with him naming the Kaiser and his people the rightful inheritors to the Griswald capital, and then he left. With that the tribes reconstructed their new home lands and reformed their war tribes. They settled all over the world waiting for the next war, the next challenge.


    The Personality of the Gigantis varies from individual to individual, however all these personalities are laced with hint of aggression and the need to challenge to gain personnel victory. Orcs tend to be the most aggressive and violent out of the Gigantes with a strong sense of species superiority. Ogres are slow witted and tend to be like the calm before a storm, they have a peaceable nature however when angered they have the inability to control their actions. Goblins lie, they cheat, they steal, and are opportunistic warriors this specimen of Gigantes speak in double talk and scare easy when they do not have the upper hand. Trolls are reclusive and they befriend slowly and they take fights more seriously than their kinsmen; a lonely life is that of the Trolls however when around other races they seem to be happier and less bored with life.

    Racial Description:

    The four species of the Gigantes may have come from the same genealogy but they are very different from one another.

    Orcs racial traits

    • Orcs have medium sized lower Canines (tusk like)
    • Orcs have enlarged and protruding brows
    • Orcs have multiple scars.
    • Orcs have pointed ears.
    • Orcs have skin tones ranging from Green, Dark Tan, and Pale Grey.

    Ogres racial traits

    • Ogres have large sized lower Canines (tusk like)
    • Ogres have round ears
    • Ogres have multiple scars
    • Ogres skin color ranges from pale yellow and sickly flesh toned skins

    Goblin racial traits

    • Goblins have fanged teeth
    • Goblins have Long and pointed noses.
    • Goblins have Large pointed ears.
    • Goblins have scars
    • Goblins skin tones range from green, dark to light browns, and dull reddish tones.

    Troll Racial traits

    • Trolls have giant tusks
    • Trolls have long pointed noses
    • Trolls have large pointed ears
    • Troll's,do not have scars
    • Trolls skin tones range from green, aqua greens, light blues


    It is asked how long are the natural lives of the Gigantes, the truth is it is hard to gauge due to their lifestyle, however so far it has been learned the natural lifespan of the Orc is two hundred years, the Ogre is forty years, the Goblin is seventy five years, and trolls will live long lives until they are ended in battle or other.


    Interracial relations with the Gigantes are rough at first, however it is said that they can and will smooth out over time. With the Orc, there are a few rules to follow with first introduction of the Orc one particular is to not look at them directly in the eye; this is seen as rude and a indirect insult to their prowess. At no time present oneself better than a Orc this is an insult too there species and is seen as a direct challenge. However with effort and time they will eventually accept others as friend, non enemies, and maybe even tribesmen. With Ogres it is better to just not provoke them in any way at first unless a fight is what one seeks. The Ogre though is good at heart yet a warrior through and through. Now for Goblins it is best to speak blunt and calmly at first due to the fact that they will see any long drawn out conversations as a subversion tactic. Never get caught in a lie with a Goblin due to their nature trust broken is hard to regain. Troll get along well and have no interracial decorum issues. As for the Troll it can be said that they prefer other species company to their own, due to their non confrontational nature. The Gigantes accept strength, they care little for the species that wields it. So as for prejudices and the like they have a distaste for both the weak willed and cowardly people.

    Land and Territories:

    The newly conquered and reclaimed home of the Gigantes lie in the west folds of Silvania in the ruined human city of Griswold, now renamed Razor. However many other tribes and war bands can be found all over the three continent's living in abandoned structured newly built forts and the like. And even these people have integrated into other species cities villages and the like as laborers craftsmen soldiers and the like.


    There is no known organized religion for the Gigantes, and many of the species find the non Gigantes religions too soft and weak. No what the Gigantes believe in is trophies, personal victories and glory above all else, in life. This is due to the fact that it is only through this way they may garner renown and to be sung in song, stories told of their deeds after they die, it is with this they live forever as a foundation to their people. When one leaves the tribe they are refereed to as the forgotten this is both a negative statement and a positive one depending on tone inflection. What it is meant to be a forgotten is that they go forth to be an individual hero, or a forgotten failure. What this means is that they must begin anew and earn new glory without the tribes help or support. They can not return to the tribe and they are left to seek their glory. The religion of the Gigantes is conflict and war, and victory is life.


    The Gigantes spoken and written language was mostly lost before their crossing. Now their primary spoken language is the trade speaks used by humans, with a few old Gigantes passphrases. Before the influence of the Fraternity the written language that they used was no better than cave paintings. However now most tribesmen can both speak and write the trade speak.
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