• Hollowed


    The Hollowed are proof that at one point, the Mages Fraternity were a benevolent society that attempted to make the world a better place. The Mages Fraternity made the Hollowed of hewn stone or honed metal animated with a living spirit. The ritual animated the body, making it a living statue. The process was first designed to help the disabled, inferred, or severely injured people. They promised that they would regain their vitality and live forever. However, the procedure came at a price of having to live with a hulking body and many unintended side effects: insomnia, sensory deprivation, and memory damage due to the trauma of the creation process. However, the trade for what they had lost was great strength, never feeling pain, and a form that would last, for what was believed, an eternity.

    Many volunteered for the procedure once it went public. It was thought to better deal with the life of a stone than a life of pain and anguish. After the procedure, many Hollowed went back to their homes and tried to adapt back to their lives. The process was usually met with many difficulties and failures, either due to their form or of emotional detachment. So many left their homes and their old lives to create new ones as laborers, workers, and mercenaries. They employed their forms to the fullest amount that they could but, the name “Hollowed” became to mean hollow of both form and heart. Time had passed, and the volunteers began to learn the danger of the procedure. On the bodies of the Hollowed, there are three symbols of binding: Binding of the spirit, sealing of the form, and the containment of the mind. However, unbeknownst to the volunteers, the third symbol had another use. At any point, as long as the right incantation was used, their will could be stolen from them. This was originally added as a failsafe, in case they would go out of control and misuse their body.

    Pre War:

    However, when the new Autorach came to power, this too was no more than a opportunity to gain more power for the war effort. He believed that it was time for those that have had help from the Fraternity paid for their gift that was given. A great gathering of the Mages took place once the war had begun and a large ritual was cast. The people that were changed to the Hollowed, began to go silent and move against their friends, allies, and family. The Hollowed were nothing more than mindless stone and steel soldiers. However, these powerful and expendable soldiers were not enough. The Mages could not create new life so they resorted to other means to create these soldiers. The Fraternity started to gather individuals from their internment camps, work forces, and prisoners to force them through the ritual. Experiments to create the Hollowed using alternate sources began by using demon spirits. These experiments were successful in creating the dangerously difficult Infernal Machines. Along with the Hollowed now marched the more powerful Golems and the Infernal Machines. The Walking Cataclysm was the bane of the Dwarves and a curse upon the resistance. The advantage of the this army was the fact that it was filled with innocent people who could not control their actions, and this weighed heavily on the consciences of the resistance army.

    The Walking Cataclysm smashed upon the enemies of the Fraternity with a merciless fury and and a unchecked might. As this hoard of stone and metal would approach the ground would thunder and quake. All believed that this army was an everlasting terror thats march would not and could not be stopped. One day, during a raid of the resistance, the resistance forces met the Hollowed, Golem, and Infernal Machine forces.Ambushed and cornered, they did the only thing they could and pressed the attack. The resistance forces were nearly crushed until the Dwarves began to unleash their magic dampening weapons. When the weapons blasted, the hoard stopped and then something unexpected occurred: the Hollowed’s enchantment was broken. They started to fight with the resistance, because it became clear that they were sentient the entire time, but lacked the ability to resist the control of the Mage’s grasp. Smashing and shattering their Golem and Infernal Machine compatriots, and with their help, the Walking Cataclysm was ended. Most of the Hollowed went on and integrated themselves with the resistance giving them support. Some, fearful of future control, disposed of themselves. Eventually, the binding symbol that stripped them of their will and mind was removed. Slaves no more, they marched to destroy the Fraternity and their Allies. On the day of the Folly, the Hollowed were there to see their enemy ruined.

    Post war:

    After the war, much of the same as it once was for these people, The Hollowed went about doing whatever job they saw fit for themselves and led whatever life they could. However there were many new Hollowed around the world, given the forced conscription that the Fraternity created during the war. Many of the forced Hollowed were able to deal with the new life, but not all could deal with the change. The side effect for removing the bond of mind, was not only freedom of will, but eternity was lost to the Hollowed. Their bodies would last throughout time, but an approximate and yet shattered, memory span kept their history limited. In some extreme cases, they began to forget and simply go silent and statue-like. They were dead, because they did not know what it was to be alive. Other Hollowed persevered through this hardship and willed themselves to live life to the fullest, despite what they might/would forget.

    Current Day:

    It has been almost a century since the war and the secrets to creating the Hollowed were lost with the fall of the Fraternity. The numbers of the Hollowed have decreased either by going silent or by being destroyed. However, the ones that live today do not clearly remember being in the war, yet they do remember what it means to have no control. The Hollowed are treated with a sense of mild neglect, even more to this day. Hollowed in these days still look for lives worth living even with their obscured sense of self. Some even seek to have their mind symbol returned to them so that they can remember who they were, but no success has been seen.


    The personalities you get with the Hollowed is very unique. Hollowed have a muted range of emotion, but that does not mean they have none. The Hollowed have a strong sense of self and do not like being controlled or taking another person's free will away. They hate and distrust all magic. They are uncomfortable in small spaces. They do not like being in any form of magic structure. The Hollowed hate water, even though they do not breath therefore won't drown, but the thought of sinking to the depths and being unable to swim to the surface horrifies them. Due to the sigil of their mind is gone, they often can not discern between short term or long term. They also have awful experiences with sequencing and patterns.

    Racial Description

    There has yet to have been a documented case of a Hollowed to die of natural causes. Unless felled in battle or that the Hollowed has been destroyed by other means, are the only cases seen of a dead Hollowed. Although their bodies may last forever, their minds are what makes them mortal. A Hollowed's memory span will be anywhere from 2 minutes to 100 years. However, they will remember what is important to them regardless against the march of time. For example, they will remember their Hollowed name, the name of someone important to them, or maybe their face from before the procedure; prolific and important things to that individual. The Hollowed do not sleep like normal people. They seem to turn off their exterior senses and dwell inward. The Hollowed do not eat, however, they can mimic the action to make others more comfortable. The Hollowed also do not feel pain like others. They know they have been harmed or extremely damaged, but pain inflicted is not felt as severely as others would feel.

    Racial Requirements

    Player must cover their body to appear as of being made of stone or metal material. To actually look like a person made of it, and not covered in armor. Either by use of prosthetics or by makeup.
    This is a Plot controlled race. All interested players must complete a costume and submit it to Chapter Director and/or the Head of Plot for approval at Alsewar.larp@gmail.com subject plot. Approval is not guaranteed on any submitted costume and can be denied. Denial can be issued for incomplete coverage, poor manufacturing, and failing to meet the requirements.


    The Hollowed have complicated relations with others due to what they are, and what they have been used as. As far as other species, the race that enjoys the Hollowed's presence the most is that of Humans. The race that dislikes them is that of the Dwarves, given it was thanks to them and the Hollowed's aide that the Mages Fraternity was able to occupy their homelands. However, most others either like them or they don't due to the personality of the Hollowed.


    Hollowed have no specific homeland due to the fact that they are converts. They can be found all over the world serving as workers, warriors, and servants. Hollowed make up only ˝ a percent of the worlds population.


    There are three religions that is mostly followed by the Hollowed those being:
    The Architect - His teachings give them solace and hope.
    Weir - They find it humble and hopeful that there is an end, even for them.
    Augorus - Due to their magical creation, they are hopeful that they will learn to escape their titanus form and return to their old one.


    The most common language spoken and written by the Hollowed is Trade speak, due to its simplistic nature. Most have seem to have forgotten their home language due to time.
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