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    Humans believe they were all born from the stars long since fallen from the heavens. However humans, so like the stars that fell, are not perfect in any sense of the word. In them lie the great powers of light and darkness. It is up to them to feed that power within, it is always up to humans to decide, and these decisions are made everyday. All things are chaotic to them leading them down the paths of light, dark, and the unknown grey. Many accept this way of living to try to better themselves and their peoples. Yet even in this there are always some who try to manipulate those to darker paths. This is the human way, for no human is perfect. It is said that with short lives comes a fast pace of living, and this is true when it comes to humans. Yet even with their lives being what they are they still strive forward and make the best of their limited existence.

    At the height of the humans civilization in the world of Angtheryus, there were five human territories. The first was the Kingdom of Avos the holy city, The second is the empire of Blood and Steel Moze, The third is the Lands of Fe'osia port city of beginnings, and the fourth is the Kingdom of Stone Griswald and the last is the lost kingdom of Seoluce. Each kingdom of the humans developed separately and created multiple cultures that befit each of their territories, The surrounding territories, and their cultures.

    The holy city of Avos is the oldest territory of the humans. This city is the place where the worship of the Architect first began. This city is located southeast of the Aelfen territories. Avos houses many holy temples of most of the gods true and lesser and it is whispered that there are even temples housing the worship of Devils and demons. The holy city of Avos was founded by the learned so many that dwell and come from these lands are scholars and the like. The city did face much scrutiny after the fall of the Mage’s Fraternity due to the support Avos gave them before the rise of the Fraternity, and the many applicants that were found within the Fraternity’s service after the war. However all calls were dropped when it was found that during the war their city was ransacked the worse of all the Human capitals. Now the city has turned much of its resources for the use and the abuse of the magics, and has turned to a much stronger path of devotion to the gods and their teachings. The Kingdoms are ruled by a council elected priest of high piety, it was here that an order of holy knights was formed and trained in many techniques that bind the blade with faith. This kingdom attempts these days, with the help of the Aelf, to mitigate allot of international issue with peaceful resolutions

    Blood and steel is the smell in the air of Moze. Moze is an empire founded and kept by warriors, Moze does not raise children it forges them to some of the mightiest and well rounded humans in all of Angtheryus. The Moze empire was not founded it was taken long ago. Moze was created by revolutionaries long ago from a cruel and disgusting king and his heirs. The revolutionaries coo was bloody, and it was decisive and the old kings families crypts were filled with fire and its dead. And from the ashes rose the new empire, a war state ruled by the emperor of steel and his family line. Moze is a large city adorned with with statues of fallen hero's, weapons, wood, and mud. Surrounding the capital city proper are villages, forts and many other keeps. Moze is unique in its social system and constitution, which completely focuses on military training and excellence. Its inhabitants are classified as Battle born which are the noble classes of the lands of Moze, Battle tested which are Foreigners given rights of Moze that dwell within the cities and outlying holds, Men at arms which are freed slaves who are given rights within Moze to become a citizen, and the Conquered these are the people that have been conquered and enslaved as servants to the Moze warriors and citizens. Mozeians undergo rigorous training and education regiments, and Mozeian Warriors and sell swords were widely considered to be among the best in battle. However despite the war beliefs Moze is a forward thinking country. It was within the nation of Moze that women were given the first rights to enlist in armies and become warriors. In fact it was Moze that women enjoyed considerably more rights and equality to men than anywhere else in the old world. Mozeians value strength and ability to war and to think. They were one of the last Human kingdoms to fall to the Mages magic, however that battle cost the Mages much in the terms of resources and ability.

    The city by the sea Fe'osia has some of the oldest known ruins and infrastructures in Is'lay and Savania. It is rumored among scholars that this was the land that humans first colonized and lived in together before they separated and created the other kingdoms. This city is the center of trade for Is'lay and Savania a safe harbor for all to trade. Fe'osia is considered neutral territories in all things considered in the north and south continents. This Kingdom is the most populated in both Is'lay and Savania with the most diverse amount of sentient species in both. Fe'osia is an urban area that caters to various vices the city's tolerance for various forms of entertainment and trade earned this kingdom the saying of all is for sale. This is the kingdom that gave birth to to the explorer that discovered Al'se'war her name was Alison S Warren and it is from here that the first colonizing ships left port to the new world. The cities people are very mild mostly consisting of traders, tourists, and the occasional less than legitimate trader. During the war this Human Kingdom was hit the hardest destroying much of it's legitimate infrastructure and royal families. the Kingdom of Fe'osia became a major center of piracy after the War of the Folly. Fe'osia is now a dank and dirty despot, where the tides seem to have swept together the sum of pirates, privateers, prostitutes, thieves, and drunkards. With its cantered, rotting docks, weather beaten buildings, and odd assortment of livestock running free, it is now far less civilized than it once was. Fe'osia appears to be generally a lawless place, one of the only places a vandal can consider to be free with no governing law, except the now imposed Thief king Atolacus.

    Stone city of Griswald Ivory and marble towers that lie amongst the mountainous ranges built by Dwarven architects and kept by Humans. This city was a pride holding some of the mightiest weapons and armor forges in all of Savania. This city lied in between both the desert and the sea. Keeping with its old world beliefs of the walls “that behind their walls they are unbreakable.” This belief though was broken under the Iron fist of the Gigantes, who came from the west during the the war of the coast, where they wiped out the human capitals resistance and Griswald was destroyed. The Gigantes took the city of stone killing all that resisted and enslaving the rest and changing the city forever, the Capital is now called Rasor. After many attempts and battles with the Gigantes they proved to be entrenched in their new location and unmovable. Many were enraged by this outcome however it could not be helped they earned their place. So now the white towers have turned to black with the smoke that pours from the towers, and the people that escaped both Noble and commoner were forced to other lands. The resistance was born out of this loss through Lord Marx who went to the Meecekin territories for refuge after the attempts to retake his homelands formed the Resistance against the Mages.

    Gone this Kingdom of Man, lost forever to the east, for it now rests in silence and in peace. The lost Kingdom of Seoluce there is not much that can be said of this city for it is abandoned and silent. All the people of these lands had seemed to disappear over night from their tables, from their homes, and from their stations, all peoples either human or other during the War of the Folly. The Mages that were questioned after the war claim that they did nothing to this Kingdom, and claim that to this day. None have attempted to reclaim this city and no one will go near it due to the superstitions of ghosts that come with the fog. So the city still sets in the mists to this day empty and alone untouched by all hands.

    During the War of the Mages folly many Human cities were occupied and taken by the Mages overwhelming forces. Mostly Humans were taken to perform menial tasks and their cities were allowed to continue under the Mages rule. Most of the cities infrastructure was taken apart by this regime change. And the Mages would plunder many resources to support the Mages War efforts. Yet some of the harshest thing that were imposed on the people were the lotteries that the Mages would place upon the peoples. These lotteries were played for the right to work in the resource camps, to feed themselves and their families and who would be taken for experimentation. The Mages new Human bodies took to the experimentation easier than most. And that fact made all Humans fear what could be on their horizons. Many fled from their homes to the wilderness and to outlying settlements to join the resistance and to fight the oppression of Mages. They banned together and it was the Humans that made up the bulk of the resistance's forces and, with their help, they laid the Mages low. After the War was over many of these lands were rebuilding still, and reuniting many of the families that were separated during the war times, however the Human spirit is strong they have endured and rebuilt. Humans beings are a short lived species, in comparison to the others that live on Angtheryus, so they work hard and they work tirelessly and they have rebuilt. Some even say that the war was needed to make them understand that they are strong and together they are a force to be reckoned with. The Humans with the Aelf formed an international communities that diplomats meet in some of the capitals of Al'se'war to discuss the world and its issues. During current days humans are moving forward and relying less on the other species to help their lands and opening their minds to many beliefs and ways of doing things. Humans are quick to master trades and this has shown through in the re-rise of their empire and the Human condition. The Human territories are now considered things like melting pots of the world, absorbing much of the cultures around them and learning from each other.


    Humans make up 70% of the sentient species on Angtheryus. The personality of humans varies greatly depending on many factors, some of these factors are upbringing , environment, and surrounding cultures. For example even though humans come from the same city and have the same parentage they can differ greatly. Some Humans are heroes and some are villainous fiends. However despite Humans and their tolerance and intolerance for others (be they the same species or not) there does seem to be a thing called the human condition that seems to tie them and others together.

    Racial description:

    Humans come in many shapes, sizes, and colors yet all are human, and made of very similar parts. Human children have though the fastest gestation period being in the womb for 9 months and only taking 16 years to become a full adult. The average Human will live for 80 years depending on health lifestyle and all things leading up to that point in their lives. Yet that age is yet still an average, for it seems unlike other races that life forces are and can be sustained by magic humans are purely biological. The Human is an interesting creature and not many are the same.

    Racial Requirements:

    As long as the individual is in period clothing and following all decorum rules, all racial requirements will be met.


    As for humans as a whole they get along with each other well enough. Yet they have many internal problems as well. It appears unlike most of the other sentient species save few some less than savory Humans will sell their own and other into lives of servitude. Also Humans have a tendency to war with their own kind more than other sentient species (save for a few). Humans are also known to build, expand, and grow their territories faster than other species. When it comes to most of the free folk of the world, Humans get along with them fine the only races that have ever seemed to be a problem with creating diplomatic relations has been the Gigantes, Zayeaf, and the Vear'Gar. And there has always been some form of friction with the Gigantes and their war bands with the Human Species.


    Humans homelands are located in both Is'lay and Savania. To the cold north in Is'lay is Moze found on the shore. In the South is Fe'osia amongst the Tropics. And in the heartland of the mainland is Avos blessed with mild temperatures and sea on both its Northern and Southern borders. Far to the east the lost kingdom can be found on the lost grounds surrounded by the Mists and a few Vibani tribes. And the old city of Griwald was once to be found on the west coast of Savania yet now this is the stronghold of the Gigantes and the Kaiser.


    Humans are an oddity on the fact that they embrace many religions anywhere from the Architects edicts to the Teachings of Farash. However there is always a Dark side to this point at times it also seems that Humans are the most likely to be worshipers of those being of a less than savory nature as well. They Have been none to worshiper devils Damons and even lesser Demons as well.


    All humans cities, Kingdoms, and villages speak and write trade speak a tell tale of their combined genesis, However based on their culture they develop different slangs and vernaculars and meanings to words.
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