• Meecekin


    When one thinks of a mouse, one would think of something cowardly and timid; those words could not be so wrong for the Meecekin. The Meecekin are a bold, yet humble race. Throughout Al’ Se’ War’s history, they have proven without falter that they are a mighty race capable of creation, evolution, and ingenuity.
    The Meecekin are descendants from rodentia. From the beginning, they have always been well known for their medicines and mixtures. They began their exodus into society as low-classed citizens when they would peddle their potions, as well as their services, mainly as servants and cooks.


    Their ascension as a society began one day when a family of Meecekin, the Partkers, concocted the first, most-potent repellent against the large varieties of the bug population. The Partkers became very wealthy due to their mixture; through which they claimed a plot of land in the Heartlands of the main continent in order to begin mass production of their bug repellant.They were also able to provide a stable and bountiful home to other well-knowledgeable Meecekin who were hired for recreating the repellant in mass quantities for sale. Little did the Partkers know, they were the settlers of the Meecekin’s future home, now known as Vitalia.


    Vitalia quickly flourished and became known as the capital for alchemy, sweets, and hospitality, as well as, the official home to all Meecekin. They welcomed travelers not only for trade, but for stories and foreign foods.

    When the War of the Mage’s folly began, they were not viewed as a threat, until they quickly realized how well their practices could be utilized to their advantage.

    The mayor of the time, Dobias Partker, a descendant of the Partker family, was propositioned by Delarios for advancement and safety of the Meecekin city as long as they swore fidelity and services to their cause. He had 24 hours to make a decision that would impact the history of Al’ Se’ War.

    Dobias believed deeply, that war was not the solution for Vitalia to be safe and sound. Dobias gathered some of the greatest alchemical minds in Vitalia and concocted a hypno-serum in 18 hours. The plans were burned after creation so that no man or mouse had ultimate, lasting control over another living being. It was not their place, but the Architect’s, to alter the war, but their goal was to erase their influence from Delarios’ mind. They controlled his mind to no longer request or require Vitalia to partake in the war and to view them as useless and harmless to their plans.

    The serum was a success.

    War Times

    Still in fear for Vitalia’s safety, Dobias had a wall built inside the radius of the poison pots. These pots both provided security and defense against bugs and the bugs were concisely used as offense for the city and the surrounding farmland. The poison pots had a bi-annual life span and were replenished every year and a half to prevent falter or potency.

    Although Vitalia narrowly escaped the conflicts of war, some of the Meecekin still participated. Some Meecekin left the city, renouncing their citizenship in order to keep Vitalia safe, in pursuit of aiding the resistance. The Meecekin proved to be some of the best doctors and fiercest fighters. The most famous Meecekin of the war was Captain Kelly.

    Lyra Kelly rose through the resistance ranks, proving to be one of the deadliest and stealthiest killers, and provided the ground-breaking strategy that used the Mage’s pride against them. This day is still celebrated and is known as the Day of Folly in Vitalia, also to honor Captain Kelly’s bravery, cunning, and death.

    The strategy was developed by Captain Kelly was simple a Mage is prideful and Paranoid and in that they are weak. The were only 1500 Mages in total in all the world, and those Mages controlled and operated their mindless hordes. So the Strategy was simple “attack” all at once at the same time all around the world. The Mages were the real targets. There was not enough Mages to hold off the attacks, armies clashed and fought, and as the Mages died so did their armies either toppling over or running free. The war ended in flames and at the head of the Armadas that rose against the Mages was a Meecekin and her name was Kelly.

    Post War

    After the war, the Meecekin that survived were freely allowed to regain citizenship. Some did not return to Vitalia due to adventuring needs or happier pursuits. The city rejoiced for weeks with song, food, and fireworks. Precisely a month after the war was over, Dobias Partker had passed on due to old age.

    Dobias Partker lived to be 128 years old and was able to see Vitalia grow once more, no longer in fear.

    Present Day

    Ever since the War of the Mages, the Meecekin have been wary of whom they acquaint themselves with. They are still well known for their warmth and caring nature, however, Vitalia still stands proudly as the home of Alchemy and sweets.

    Physical Traits

    They say you can guess the age of a Meecekin based on the length and color of their ear hair. The oldest recorded Meecekin lived to be 128 years old, when usually their life expectancy ranges from 90-100 years. The Meecekin have many mouse-like features, but are still primarily humanoid. You have to pick at least two of these physical attributes when creating a character:

    • Pink noses
    • Protruding round ears
    • Tails
    • Padded feet and hands
    • Light whiskers.


    The Meecekin pray to any and all. It is not uncommon to meet a polytheistic Meecekin.


    Meecekin speak the language known as Meecekinese a dialect of chitters, squeaks, and French like language.


    The land beneath the mountains is lush with forests and lakes where they have their farms and smaller communities. These communes are where they trade most goods and can greet all visitors. The weather is always fair, being so close to the equator. Both summer and winter are never too harsh. The game seems always available to them, because of this good fortune. To the South of the Mountain, lies the sea of Gesh. A beauty to behold filled with the bounties of the deep and used for it’s components for various potions and salves.
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