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    The Dead came about thousands of years ago when people would pass away and then would come back. The dead come about after a normal person dies, and has what is called a reawakening by rebirth under a dead star. With this rebirth they are gifted an undying spirit. At first people were terrified of the awakening, however they soon found that what awoke was no different than what once slept. Yet still the fact was that the people that awoke were dead. Soon after awakening These peoples bodies would start to decay at first at a faster than normal rate yet the decay rate returns to a normal speed after the first two weeks. After some time The dead have to replace their limbs, bones, and other important parts that they require to exist. They use other corpses as replacement parts, they can also use living parts as replacements as well. However the magic that keeps them alive always contorts and rots the fresh part to match their physiology. The dead will exist naturally for 20 years before needing to replace decayed parts. If not damaged or harmed. However if The Dead never replace the decayed bits they will lose mobility until they are nothing more than a rotting heap of stinking flesh, and meet their permanent death there.

    Long ago when the dead began to awake they were treated very harshly even though they were essentially the same person. They were treated like monsters or invalid plague bearers that need to be sent away before their disease spreads. Even though the plague bearer stigma is not linked to the condition of being a virus and or bacterias. They were known to be run out of towns and settlements and carelessly tossed out of homes. Weak and alone these people began to gather all over looking for peace that was denied even in their death. They only had each other and they lived in harsh conditions in what they would come to call Lazarus communities. Yet still the people attempted to move on. They sought work even in their condition and sometimes they would even get some. Though no matter how hard they worked and what dangers they faced their condition was the only thing others saw. The dead in comparison did not earn very much and buying bodies to replace theirs with was expensive. With lack of parts and loss of limbs increasing the dead began to raid crypts and grave rob to replace their losses and heal their wounds. This mere action of survival was met with great hatred. No one wanted to see their friends family members treated like nothing more than spare parts. So then the final insult came about and the largest Lazarus colony was raided and burnt down, all that lied within were destroyed.

    The dead were outraged at this action the Lazarus colonies began to meet and discuss a final alternative. The leaders gathered and discussed their final move and gathered all that was valuable and purchased ships to find a new home for the blighted people. At first there were only a few ships and they set out looking for a place to exist away from the scrutiny of others. And they found a island to the North that was bereft with extreme colds, killer reefs, and dangerous fumes that poxes the surface of the island. They were pleased with this find; the cold that helped their bodies decay rates slowed down the reefs could used to build fishing communities on and the fumes bothered them not. It was perfect for The Dead and yet somewhat harsh for the living, they called this island the Lazarus frontier. They made this wasteland their necropolis that they could forge for their future. At some point all of the dead find themselves at the Lazarus, they bring their wealth their talents through the dead reefs and they begin their new lives in the waists. They sail their ships from shore to shore buying dead bodies and dropping their wares for trade. They will take all those who have become a member of the undead who wish to come to Lazarus. It is said to see a Lazarus ship in port is bad luck for it means that much death has taken place there, and they have come chasing Weir away, however it is more likely that they are selling fish or something else to harbor men. The Dead can potentially live longer than the Aelfs as long as they replace their body parts and stay out of harms way in fact it is hard to say when they choose that this existence is no longer for them. But as it was mentioned before all dead gather at the necropolis on the Isle of the Lazarus frontier. For when one of The Dead expire or meet their final fate it is custom to send there remains to the Frontier to be placed in the Grand Mausoleum. When The Dead pass they do not die truly; they live on as a pure consciousness tied to their head. For all eternity waiting for Wier's embrace. As terrible that existence sounds it is not feared by the people for they will fill the Mausoleum with their essence and add to the Great Community that leads the Lazarus Frontier and their people. The Great Community is a collective consciousness housed in the Grand Mausoleum that helps guide and lead The Dead in all their nations actions. With all the minds of the passed individuals their inputs help the collective mind of the Great Communities voice. Those whose heads are destroyed or lost are doomed to rot away and wander the world as roaming spirits never finding the rest till Weir embrace them or Oblivion take them.

    Before the war The Dead stayed out of worldly affairs and the world stayed out of theirs. The thought was that it was better to treat The Dead as aliens or unwelcomed guests than to treat them as equals, Kinsmen, or dignitaries it felt. So they persevered, The Dead established one of the first great shipping companies with their surplus of ships left over from the colonization of the Frontier. The Dead's main export being Fish that they catch and chilled on ice that they gather from their home. And they offer their services as collectors of those that succumb to disease outbreaks. The dead prove themselves time and time again as an integral part of the world community. And eventually the world started to look at their ships and them with a sign of happiness. And opened its eyes to these people that created their own way and kept it. It was only later with the help of the College they were finally recognized by the world communities as a sovereign Nations filled with people that just wanted to exist and let exist. And the world saw them for what they are, people. However with the dangers in their homelands to all that breathed and with still some prejudice that exists in the world The Dead still insist on a Isolationist beliefs no one living (unless accompanied by a Ferry men {The Dead dignitary}) may step foot on The Lazarus Frontier. And this was agreed in all treaties with the world.

    During the war of the Mages Folly The Fraternities Approached The Dead with a treaty that would give them access to all dead bodies that were to be produced due to the foreseen hostilities. It was much debate in the Great Communities however they saw an opportunity within this treaty. The Dead would be able store dead body parts and avoid unnecessary violence and loses. So The Dead decided to remain neutral and isolated helping neither side. Whispers spread during the war times about how the Mages feared The Dead and their Great Community, and the fact that they knew too little about their homelands to amount a proper attack on its defenses. During the war however The Dead still helped people and the resistance any way that they could that did not violate the treaty. but The Lazarus Frontier was never attacked despite them violating many treaty guidelines. Those Violations including smuggling people, Weapons, goods through their lands, they would give assistance to known dissidents or give people political Asylum on board they’re Lazarus ships. The Lazarus Frontier and The Dead were able to remain independent through a combination of military deterrence, economic concessions to The Mages Fraternity, and good fortune as larger events during the war delayed an invasion or Invasion attempts. All while the war ragged on through the dead did two things Collecting on their debts from the Mages and gathered bodies and continued their sales of the goods that they would produce to either side with little impunity. It is said that the war was fought on a full belly because of the bounties of the lost ancestors this was a quote used for both side during the war.

    After the war, The dead Continued to prosper even further due to the fact that while the world recovered they continued to sell and trade their bounties. Also they offered their own people as labor forces and would sell recovered materials from the war for reconstruction. At current day The Dead and the Lazarus Frontier is the strongest financial country in the world with the most discreet trade system. And due to The Lazarus Frontier and it peoples current success they have garnered much jealousy among people and competing companies, and this jealousy has turned into a growing hatred. The dead are called war profiteers, they are called cowards due to their inaction in the war, and Worst off they are called Sympathizers of Mages due to the fact that they would also give asylum to Mages up till the War of the Folly’s end. Yet they keep their neutral isolationist standpoint due to the fact that the people are made of all Nationalities from all over the world. So The Dead persevere from now till eternity.


    The Dead come in all manners of personalities since they come from people of multiple Cultures and backgrounds. Some people hold true to their past beliefs or embrace the new life that stands before them and begin to learn the customs of the Lazarus. Those customs being of a quit and reverent life casting off all things of value. They give up their past lives embracing the rebirth of themselves, and starting this new existence anew as if reborn. However there are still people within The Dead that have never seen the Lazarus Frontier and have no intentions of doing so. They wander the world with their own beliefs and significance to the event that took place. However all of The Dead do what must be done to exist longer as if they all had an enhanced instinct of survival. Yet still regardless how the wandering ones die most people send them to the Frontier when they can go no further. This action is done out of respect for the person so that their spirit may go farther and not face the world as a wandering and lost spirit.

    Racial description:

    The Dead come in many shapes and sizes however due to the fact that they come from all species all over the word, save for a few. The Dead are capable of being from all Species save for the Tu'toni, Deva, Outsiders, Vear'Gar, And the Hollowed. For some reason due to the energies that dwell within these certain species, And one can not become one of The Dead due to the fact that they were never alive to begin with. The Dead wear clothing but it seems that those that follow the Lazarus customs care not of fine clothing and only attempt to cover parts that would seem to upset living members of society. They will at times also wear older pieces of equipment due to the fact that other than protecting joints and the like there are not to many Vital spots on them they overly concern themselves about.

    Physical Traits:

    This Race is required to wear some forms of prosthesis such as skeletal, zombie and or mangled/rotting flesh effects. It is also required a bare minimum of arm and leg effects to indicate their race such as skeletal or zombie effects that portray a decayed, mangled or rotting effect.

    All exposed body parts are required to have these effects at all times.

    To play this race the player must be approved after a picture of costuming and Prosthesis is sent to Chapter leadership of the player wearing all costuming and prosthesis and only after they have been approved.


    The Dead these days are better accepted than they have been in the past. There definitely seems to be less Stigma with them as if they are diseased. However at times they are meet with people that cover their faces fearing to catch their condition as if it were the cold. And many others divert their and the eyes of their family from them. And many still stare at them like they are spectacles. However The Dead hold no prejudices if they follow the teachings of the Lazarus for in the teachings it shows them that many do not understand and we should pity the ignorance and educate others of the reawakening. However those that are outside the teachings have been known for violence and intolerance to the disgust that people look upon them with, and returning what ever prejudices that people give them with their own versions of it.


    The lands of the Dead after they made their exodus from the mainlands of Is'lay and Silvania is a northern continent named the Lazarus Frontier. The Island is surrounded by dangerous reef formations called the dead reefs. The dead reefs and their rock formations that surround the Continent of the Frontier have small fishing communities and lighthouses built on them. This Continent is where people will find most of the of the worlds populations of The Dead.


    The Dead mostly follow the religion of Wier and the Architect. Their prayers to Wier revere the Deity of The Dead. Not in praising more of a quiet sadness in the fact that they are still here and denied their peace usually consist of asking to be saved from this existence and be given final peace. And the prayers to the Architects are that of thanking him for the blessing that he has bestowed on them. In the society of The Dead there is much debate whether the condition that they find themselves in is a blessing or a curse. However it seems that a lot of their religious gatherings are always reminiscent of funeral rites with different prayers


    The Dead usually speak in Trade speak and write in Trade speak. This is despite the fact that their culture is multi linguistic due to the nature of their population growth. However the Dead speak trade and whatever their base species was before the reawakening.
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