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    Every pregnancy in Al'se'war can result in an Outsider child. It does not matter the race of the parents. Race has no bearing on the pregnancy resulting in an Outsider child. In fact, the only ones that can't give birth to Outsider children are the Outsiders themselves. Outsiders are infertile. At their peak, they made up only a tiny fraction of the world's population. An Outsider is a baby like any other, except for one little thing: their spirit, upon entering Al'se'war, passed through the Veil. The Veil is the thin layer that separates our reality from that of the Divine and the Darkplace. Upon passing through this veil, their spirit is marked by whatever realm they touched. This mark, be it Divine or Dark, is just a mark. Only their actions will determine who they are, not the marks themselseves.

    Pre War

    There's not many stories of Outsiders before the Mages Folly. Considering they are not a society or race in the traditional sense, that is not surprising. Every race has a different take on the Outsiders and some speak more highly of them than others, but the way they were treated before the war was almost completely dependent on which race they were born into.Once the war started, however, that changed.

    The Mages' Fraternity sought out the Outsiders so that they could experiment on them. The Mages Fraternity knew the power in being unique and there is little in this world as unique as the Outsiders. In fact, the Mages Fraternity knew intimately the power inside an Outsider; their Autorach was one. The Outsiders were betrayed and tortured by one of their own.

    They knew what would befall them if they were to be caught by the Mages, the whispered horrors haunted their nightmares, but not fighting guaranteed a future of nothing but pain. So, they fought. Their roles were varied, but they all fought with the strength of those that would otherwise be damned. Of course there were those that fought to protect others, but even for the most saintly and selfless of the Outsiders, the threat of what would happen to them if the Mages should win was always whispering in the back of their minds.

    Once the war was won, the true horror of it all was clear. The Mages had used Outsider's bodies, blood, and bones to power their rituals, spells, and magical tech. There's those that whisper even worse things were done with the captured Outsiders, but those details were never released to the public. Perhaps it was too horrible, or perhaps such talk is just fevered conspiracy. Given the brutality of the Mages Fraternity, it seems likely that they used the Outsiders for more than simple spell-work, but the truth may never be known.

    Present Day

    Despite their great bravery in the war and the horrors that were perpetrated on their people in particular, many people hate or at least distrust the Outsiders. They think that because the Autorach of the Mages Fraternity was an Outsider himself, that none can be trusted.

    Yet, even with such bigotry, the majority of Outsiders prefer to live in heavily populated areas. They dislike being alone and crave adventure, so cities are a great place to find them. They have no homeland of their own and their culture is that of whatever race they were born into, thus they more or less just go where they wish.


    Outsiders are a varied culture. The only thing you can usually guarantee about them is that they're going to be extreme. They might be saints or the worst kind of sinner you're ever likely to see, but no matter what, they won't be boring. As a rule, they don't understand what the middle-ground even is.

    They have no culture of their own, so whatever race they were born into is the culture they adapt and use for themselves. They might not be the most social people all of the time, but they feel more comfortable in a crowded city than a quiet village. In other words, they have no set personality type. They can be incredibly aloof or highly engaged, but they're unlikely to be anything in-between.

    Many view themselves as cursed and blessed in equal measures. You'll often find one in a crowd, but walking as if they were above it all. Yet, if they do deign to trust you, you would find many quite sad about their lot in life. After all, there are few races that live as long as they do and even fewer that could begin to understand their struggle. They are a race that craves to be part of the crowd, but is forever separate from it.

    Keep in mind, some Outsiders look to be touched by the Divine and/or the Darkplace. For those that touched by the Divine are often exalted and treated as special. This can sometimes lead to an inflated ego and/or a sense of superiority. For those that were touched by the Darkplace, even though they are not necessarily evil, many view them as cursed and as innately bad. For these poor souls, life can be especially be hard and their personality often reflects that.

    It is suggested that you look at the personality of whatever race your Outsider was born into and take cues from them as well.

    Racial Description

    Because Outsiders take features from whatever race they were born into. Their looks vary. In fact, Outsider children look exactly like any other child of whatever race they were born into. It's not until puberty, or their first death, that their marks manifest. These marks do not completely rid the Outsider of their original racial marks, but instead alter or add to them. It's suggested you look at your Outsider's birth race and keep at least some hint of it after their marks have appeared. As a Note feel free to mix and match any of the following racial identifiers as you see fit.

    Of the following, you have to choose at least two if you want to play an Outsider:

    • Baldur
    • Wings- Demonic or bat like
    • Tails- Goat, Devil, or Dragon like
    • Multiple Horns - You'll need a minimum of three horns to complete this requirement, though you're welcome to add as many as you'd like. They can look like horns or antlers of any kind of material and be of any color you wish.

    • Wings- Angelic or bird like
    • Skin- Metallic (preferable is silver) Ancient writing Tattoos.
    • Should take on an aspect of the god they ascended through that best suits the players Aesir

    • Strange Colored Eyes- Passing through the veil often changes eyecolor. Sometimes, it can turn the entire eye completely black or alter the shape of the iris or just change the color. Sometimes, only one eye gets changed. So long as there is something strange about at least one eye (as portrayed most likely by contacts) you're good.
    • Strange Colored Hair - Hair could be multiple colors, an all-over unnatural hue (unnatural for whatever race your character was born into) or glow-in the dark. Just make sure it's a strange color and it'll count.
    • Brightly Colored Veins - Any and all visible flesh will have to have brightly colored veins on them. The veins can be bright blue, pink, orange, etc. The color is unimportant, so long as it's vibrant and visible wherever veins might show.


    Outsiders age perfectly normal according to whatever race they're born into, up until they experience death for the first time or hit puberty. After that moment, their aging slows down and can live for hundreds of years. In fact, the oldest known one lived until 700 years old.


    Outsiders prefer to be surrounded by others, even if they don't necessarily want to talk to them. They more or less have the same interracial prejudices as whatever race they were born into with the added fun of many people distrusting them due to the Autorach of the Mages Fraternity having been an Outsider. Even the most social of Outsiders don't tend to make friends with the shorter-lived races easily. Because they're so long-lived, even those born to shorter-lived races, find it hard to bond with those that will die long before them.


    Most races don't have any problem with Outsiders. For all those that hate them due to the Autorach, there are those that remember just what the Autorach did to them and accept them fully. There are also many that view the Divine-touched Outsiders as blessed and worthy of worship. This leads to many Divine-touched Outsiders to become quite arrogant.


    Outsiders do tend to be met with a level of prejudice from all over. Not to mention that each race has their own view of the Outsiders and not all races are accepting of their Divinely or Dark-touched brethren. Those that are touched by the Darkplace, this is especially true. Even those that might not care that the old Autorach was an Outsider, many view the Dark-touched Outsiders to be innately evil and distrust them or actively hate them. This is, of course, not true. The Outsiders touched by the Darkplace are no more likely to be evil than anyone else, but perhaps are pushed to it more than most due to how others treat them. There is only so many times most people can hear that they're evil before they begin to believe it.


    The Outsiders don't have a homeland. Their homeland is the same as whatever homeland their birth parents have.


    Most Outsiders worship the Architect. This isn't due to any specific racial design, but rather a side-effect of the majority of people, regardless of race, worshipping the Architect. For those that were born into a race that worship a different deity, they often follow their parents footsteps. Those that turn to the Architect even though their birth family does not worship him, often do so for protection. No religious group attacks followers of the Architect, so for those Outsiders that are especially plagued by hatred, following the Architect often affords them safety they otherwise would not have.

    This is not to say that all Outsiders worship the Architect, but many do. Even among those that do, their way of worship varies greatly from person to person. Those that are devout wear their mark proudly. They don beige robs and lead a life of poverty. Any coin they do earn they put towards charity and good works.


    There is absolutely no set Outsider language, spoken or written. They obviously can speak and write, but they use whatever language they were raised with. Most commonly, they use their parent's native language to speak and write.
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