• Tu'toni


    The Tu'toni's were not always known as the Tu'toni; at one point they were no different from the Aelfen. The Tu'toni's genesis lies in after they left their kinsman the Aelf. They began to deny their inherent magical nature, due to the concerns that it was the rampant misuse of magic and magic based technology that caused their ancestors down fall and disappearance. After years of scientific research, the Tu'toni were able to permanently breed out their biological receptors for magical energies. Once done the Tu'toni lived happily and healthily for at least three generations until tragedy struck. The Tu'toni found that all of their people were born with a degenerative condition that set in after birth, called the Phage. The Phage was a condition that set in due to the fact that there bodies required magical energies to support their biology. And thus an epidemic broke out among the Tu'toni; the outbreak was a disease that caused the keratin in their skin to harden into stone like protrusions all over their body, turn gray or sandstone hues, and shorten their life spans to that of a mere forty years. From that point the race now known as the Tu'toni was born.

    The Tu'toni are young race compared to their kinsmen the Aelf, however what they lack in life span they have made up for in advancement of their own culture. The Tu'toni constructed a new home on the shores of the Meros Ocean in the Tholen Desserts; its name was Solaris. This new home was not built on the bones of an Alfnari ruin. This city was an original design by the Tu'toni keeping both with their ideals of making their own way, and forging their own culture.

    With the Phage came also a new doctrine, to keep with logical and linear thinking and to do away with many complex emotions. This doctrine was pivotal in the Tu'toni's survival, and used heavily in the assistance in their species reclamation. This doctrine was about ridding themselves of complex emotions since, extreme emotions caused heightened metabolic rates, that caused the phage to agitate and break the protrusions causing pain and infections. However this doctrine does not mean they are unable to feel. The Tu'toni may be the most passionate and emotional race there is on the planet. However, instead of experiencing them all at once, the Tu'toni's emotions are kept inside, and experienced in a more muted manner and over a longer period time. And even with this doctrine, there is a reverse side that exists within the Tu'toni. There is a small sect of people within the Tu'toni that embrace their emotions with an extreme religious fervor despite the consequences; those consequences being shortened life spans, body experiencing extreme pain due to skin surface tearing, and extreme psychoses caused by pain and constant infections.

    Even with the doctrine in place the Tu'toni as a race have been able to grow as a culture as all races do. Much of their growth exists in many other things rather than the sciences. They have also extensive literary, musical, and artistic libraries. However the Tu'toni's focus is chiefly medical and medical research and with that the Tu'toni set out using their minds to develop many new medical treatments. At first what they did was attempt to cure and or fix the Phage. One generation passing all their knowledge to the next and so on, a people as a whole whose sole effort was in nothing more than medical and scientific research to do away with and or cure the Phage. Alas, despite all the Tu'toni's hard work all they could do is slow down the progression of the Phage and extend their lifespans another twenty years. Yet still this was not seen as a lose. The Tu'toni in the end got exactly what they started out wanting, And they had made many scientific and medical advancement to not only assist their selves but also to assist others with their newly developed medical and surgical techniques. The Phage at this point just became a natural part of their life, And the Tu'toni people became the worlds foremost in scientific and medical advancement.

    Before the war the Tu'toni would train many doctors in their methods of treatments and in the cultivation of medicines. They remained neutral in all conflicts among the majority of the world, however they offered aid to all never turning away a request for assistance. They were seen as saints, a peoples whose hubris damned them to a short existence and that go out of their way to extend all other life in the world. The Tu'toni's nation has no army, the only defenses that their nation holds is that of a small police and defense force. Others have attempted to raid the Tu'toni bandits, small tribes, and warlords all seeking their pharmaceutical goods that they sell on the market to increase their war-chests. However it is thanks to other nations gratitude for the Tu'toni's assistance that has kept their homelands safe. In this was the Tu'toni's nations chief weakness, this was what brought this peaceful nation down to its knees. During the war of the Mages Folly once all the surrounding nations were brought down this country was left open to the Mages army. They approached the walls of the country to find that their gates were open and that they were awaiting their conquers. The Mages stepped into the capital and spoke with the Tu'toni and excepted their unconditional surrender, when asked why that they surrendered so easily they expounded that it was the most logical decision that would lead to the least amount of blood shed, and with that they were conquered. Once the Mages moved into the Capitol city Solaris they began putting the Tu'toni to work and converting all there pharmaculture to the Mages needs. Using their medical knowledge to their advantage, from the mixture of their medical knowledge and magic they were able to create a new field of magical science called MEDIMAGIC. With this new field came both miraculous cures to diseases and a tragedy in biological weapons of all type of natures. All while this happened the capitol of the Tu'toni was under a terrible occupation however given that they surrendered they were treated amicable compared to others. And those that were away from home joined the resistance as doctors and researchers assisting the the resistance's struggle against the fraternity.

    On the day of the Folly when the great strategy for liberation was to take place; the Tu'toni that stayed within the citadel advised the Mages to surrender before the resistance came to free the city. The reasonable words of the Tu'toni fell on the deaf ears of the occupying Mage's. The Mage's refused and claimed that if they were attacked at Solaris they would use the Tu'toni as shields. With such an unreasonable response the Tu'toni moved into action and activated the main defense of their capital, Solaris. Suddenly Gas began to fill the buildings poring out from the walls, the gas numbed and quieted the Mages and their creatures, yet it had no effect on the Tu'toni. After the Mages were all gassed the Tu'toni collected them treated them for there minor injuries and handed them over to the resistance for trial and punishment. And with that the Tu'toni survived eighty six year occupation with the least amount of casualties on either side.

    After the War the Tu'toni offered their medical services to all the world to help heal the wounds that were still fresh from the war. They also turned all the Medimagic over to their cousins the Aelf to help even further with the curing of the magic based diseases and wounds that the Fraternities Mages unleashed. No one blamed the Tu'toni's decision to surrender all of the other nations knew that if they had resisted the Tu'toni would have been wiped out. At present the Tu'toni have kept on assisting others in the world, and training other doctors in both medical treatments and in their Pharmaculture techniques. The recovery of the nations people was a long and arduous task but thanks to the Tu'toni there were much fewer loses.


    The Tu'toni have two personality types. The first being that of methodical and logical thinking, most of the time they seem to be completely emotionless. Always willing to listen to reason with little regard to illogical thought processes. This is seen by some as both a blessing and a curse due to their inability to act on emotion, this is why at times they will choose paths of least resistance or even going with decisions that are against a majority. Though despite this the Tu'toni in there quiet time will dwell inward and reflect on their feelings and experience them slowly. The other type that you find in the Tu'toni's society is the crazed type that indulge in every emotion that there is to be had. Always living in the moment unwilling to truly listen to reason. They tend to be in a constant state of pain given there condition, so they appear to have constant mood swings with extreme highs and lows. There are fewer of these types in the Tu'toni due to there explosive nature, and dangerous life style.

    Racial description

    • Stone like skin tones, ranging between greyish to sandstone hues
    • At least 3 inch pointed ears.
    • And a ridging on the bridge of their nose.
    • Raised stone protrusions spread out over their visible skin.
    • Scar like crags in there skin, can be fresh
    • Tend to wrap some of their visible body in gauze


    The Tu'toni have a good relationship with other cultures and races until they are given a reason not to. Also the Tu'toni have an issue with breeding with other races due to the phage that they are infected with, most mixed children are stone born then die. However the more dishonest a person is the less trust a Tu'toni will gainer, due to there honest nature. However the Tu'toni do have an issue with their more emotional kinsmen there is always an air of incompatibility between the two. The mad Tu'toni seem to gainer an ill will when dealing with other races due to their emotional outbursts, and have a natural hate for there kinsmen. Most of the mad Tu'toni never stay within their homelands borders due to their condition.


    The Tu'toni Homeland is the walled capital of Solaris, off the shores of the Meros Ocean in the Tholen Desserts.


    The Tu'toni have no favored religion. They have faith only in measurable calculations and the sciences. The mad Tu'toni prefer the divine known as Zeal dark divine of emotions.
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