• Vear’Gar


    The Vear'Gar were once long ago Aelfnarie, however, they are the ones cursed by the stars. During a time long ago in the annals of Aelfnarie history a great tower was attempted to be built, this towers name was Xion. The Tower was built to return the Aelfnarie to their home star Farash, yet this plan was doomed to failure. On the day of the Aelfnaries Exodus tragedy took place and the ground swallowed up the Aelfnarie tower Xion, and the surrounding city Coignarch. All thought that the people were killed in the tragedy, and all were wrong. The truth is, is that most of the people survived and could not escape the underworld.

    The Vear’Gar are a lost sect of the Aelfnarie, an ancient race lost after a great calamity. The city of the Aelfnarie sank into the depths of the world thought, lost by the other Aelfnarie kinsmen. However, by some miracle a large number of them survived the world swallowing up their city and now were trapped within the underworld’s depths. At first, panic swept through them as they wandered the depths. Together as they struggled to survive the harsh new environments, for years they wandered lost in the dark until one day a light was seen in the distance. The people rejoiced as they rushed to that light. Once the lost Aelfnarie arrived, they were greeted with an odd discovery.

    The light that they saw was produced by stones, lining great caverns walls and the very veins of the world. The light was like fire in the sky producing warmth. The people may had been lost, but here in this cavern, they flourished. They set down roots with all that they could carry and haul from the old, decrepit capital. And started anew in these vast caverns that shined like the surface. After some time, even this place seemed like home. Their struggles were still not over yet...

    A wave of energy crept through the dark. This energy could not be stopped by wall, metal, or magic. As this wave passed through the Aelfnarie people it would make them vanish into thin air. Not even a scream could be heard. All was lost as the wave began to close in around the huddled masses. At the last second, an amazing thing happened. The wave passed through the bright sunlight stones. The stones light changed from a glowing day to that of faint moonlight. The energy wave changed, as well. When it passed through them, they were magically restructured with pale-as-the-moon skin. The change was harsh, sudden, and dangerous.


    After the great change took place, the people at this point had to deal with their new forms and new environment. The Vear’Gar is what they call themselves now, the cursed and forsaken. The blessings of the star of Farash was lost, for now eldritch energy that had once given them power now burned and poisoned the people. The light given off from the crystals that drove the terrors of the underworld back was now lost due to the change, now only giving off to what was the equivalent to a full moon lit night. At this point, the people truly believed that they were forsaken by the Aelfnarie star, the Aelfnarie people, and were left dead and forgotten by the world.

    All that was left for them was pain, cold, fear, and the vast darkness of the underworld. The people’s faith was shattered and their spirit broken. The demeanor of the people changed. The once peaceful people now turning to violence, lashing out, turning themselves into a new threat of the underworld. The Vear’Gar were lost, alone, angry, and with no faith. They now believed in only two things: the deep and survival of the fittest. Many generations passed in the underworld, and the Vear’Gar only grew harder and colder with each passing one. They had forgotten many of the old ways and embraced what they were and what they needed to become. With the passing of time, they began to form their own way of life building in the deep and forming an underground life.

    The Vear'Gar are a large subterranean civilization that live in smaller tightly knit family Houses. These individual houses are ruled by inner elder councils that decide on issues based on day to day matters such as law, punishment, and resource allocation. A minimum of 13 elders will convene to decide on provincial matters. If an event would affect a large enough people, the provincial councils convene and decide on an action that will benefit the people as a whole..

    Time marched on, the Vear'Gar now lived off the underworld’s life and fungi that they found in the deep.Building homes from the stone and the deep life’s carcasses, they began to worship the vast bleak blackness that was their home. Slowly, the life of the Vear'Gar began to return to a form of normality. During an expedition through the deep the Vear'Gar saw a sight that was alien to them now: a harsh light. A cave far from their cavernous homes was found during an expansion of territory expedition. The deep opened up to the endless surface and the Vear'Gar felt unsettled by the sight.

    Once the Vear'Gar located the surface, they were surprised to see the new world. The Vear'Gar witnessed that all the younger and underdeveloped races from before had matured and built massive cities and infrastructures across the once pure Aelfnarie continent. At first, they were shocked to see how far and fast these races had matured, then the cold realization set in on how long they had been lost to the underworld. With this they set out to see their lost brethren. The Aelfnarie asked what had happened to them and why no one sought them out, when they arrived the shock was stifling.

    The Vear'Gar were greeted by the Aelf , descendants of the Aelfnarie. They looked upon these beings living on the bones of their ancestors and they were sickened. With this the Vear'Gar denied their kinsmen and warned them to stay away from their borders and left to return to their homes. The group that left for the surface exclaimed to the elder council on what they had seen and found. The elders decided though that for the good of the people as a whole to let people leave and explore the surface world and to trade with it. This decision was brought on due to the fact that the elders knew they and the surfacers would benefit through the interactions, however, none were to enter their lands or borders on pain of death. The Vear'Gar opened up trade posts outside entrances to the Underworld and traded many things among them where they highly sought after Blue stones. All was well in the lands held by the Vear'Gar other than the occasional crime and border crossing thieves.

    Pre War

    Before the war of the Folly the Vear'Gar did all that they could to stay out of the worlds problems and politics they believed it better to stay out of the worlds way than interfere like their cousins the Aelf. After many talks with the surface states they allowed a small expedition to investigate the the ruins of the city Coignarch and the tower of Xion. The investigators were from the Mages Fraternity, however after much time most of their findings came back empty and inconclusive. Though after much time in the deep with the Vear'Gar the investigator turned his attention to the blue stones that the Vear'Gar use. His findings were that of shock, though sold in small portions on the surface it was found that the larger and more concentrated stones and ore veins had a great power to them and Eldritch energy dampening abilities this discovery did not shock the Vear'Gar they knew of its potential and the terrible secret that laid at the heart of these stones. Even though the investigator was warned they still wanted the stones regardless of their protest. The investigator was killed while attempting to steal large keystones from the Vear'Gars homeland. The news came as a shock to the Fraternity and they demanded the Vear'Gar return his final reports and his research material. And once completed they would forgive this tragedy. The Vear'Gar refused the terms and closed their borders to all again. The insult and audacity of this action was not lost on the Fraternity and they vowed revenge for this.

    On the first night of the war the whirring of gears and grinding metal was heard in the distance. The border guards fearful sounded the warning bells, and smoke then filled the air dark energies crackled off the marching abominations. The warning was too late they were overwhelmed they rallied their defenses to only be destroyed as these infernal machines vomited fire unto the guards and their defenses. The Fraternity’s forces crashed on the Vear'Gar's defenses like an incredibly destructive tidal wave. They passed through to the gates to the underworld and entering the Vear'Gar's homeland proper. The goal of these forces was not subjugation like the other kingdoms it was obliteration and extermination, revenge for the insult that was made. The Machines hunted the people of the deep. And took their homeland and plundered much of the wealth that was the blue stones. However the deep underworld was the Vear'Gar's home and they earned their place among the terrors of the deep, they feared not the machinations of the Fraternity instead saw them as a challenge. The wars beginnings were harsh however the Vear'Gar made them pay for their indiscretion. The War from that point on was nothing more for the Mages and Artificers than an entrenched underworld war. The deep was their faith and the dark was their blessing. By hiding and striking the Vear'Gar stayed safe and fought strong breaking the organized ranks of the infernal machines and infiltrating deep enough to get at their masters. However even with this strategy the Fraternity proved to be to good. And resorted to their most powerful and dangerous weapon. A lone Mage was found in the center of town, this Mage had a dark aura about him that separated him from the rest. He raised his staff and began to recite words that were unable to be understood. Wind picked up in the deep and the shadows began to move and beings of unbelievable horror began to rise from all directions. Spirits rose from the black and were absorbed by the machines and they reassembled themselves instantly and the fallen raised from the dead as devouring corpses. The war was turned to chaos, and so the Vear'Gar did the only thing they could they melted in the black. And were not seen again for a long time.

    Ninety eight years later on the day of the Folly the Vear'Gar resurfaced and greeted the resistance that they have been watching and helping from the shadows. And stated on the day of the folly that they will take their home back using the lost arts of the Alfnaran. The day of the Folly was upon them, and the Vear'gar unleashed their secret that secret being the stones could absorb and destroy eldritch energy. However the drawback to the use of these stones is that the energy is poison to the Vear'Gar and many were lost during the counterattack. In fact more died to the toxic energies than the battle itself. But by the end, the Vear'Gar's lands were free.

    At present the Vear'Gar struggle to return their wealth of the stone and the sanctity of their home back to its former glory. Yet even with doing this they began to open up more and more to the world. The Vear'Gar found being more present and prevalent showing a true presence in the world showed their resolve as a people. The people of the land accepted the shadow of the resistance with open arms. Once they began their recovery the trade caravans began to reappear, and the border was solidified.


    The most predominate personality trait that a person will find within the Vear'Gar is that of superiority and pride. The Vear'Gar know that every part of them was forged by the underworld and that weakness is unacceptable. The Vear'Gar though strong willed and stern have there own amount of kindness though. However still it will seem at times that they are always on guard and can be very defensive. The Vear'Gar at times have a sideways thinking about approaching insurmountable issues. Though their longevity of life still plays an integral part of their persona's, they will at times simply wait issues out, and take there time with many things.

    Racial description

    • The Vear'gar may have skin tones that range from pale white, pale blue, and a pale purple, all exposed skin must be colored, covered, or painted
    • The Vear'gar may have ridging on their noses.
    • The Vear'gar may have long pointed ears ( at least 3 ½ inches long)
    • The Vear'gar may have lights in their hair.
    • The Vear'gar may have white eyes


    The Vear'Gar can live up to Five hundred years long. However unlike the Aelf due to their environment the Deep dwelling Vear'Gar are expected to mentally age much faster than surface born due to the nature of the underworld


    The Vear'Gar actually get along with most other species as long as they understand that a friendship with a Vear'Gar is not easily won. Once a friendship with a Vear'Gar is earned it should not be taken for granite due to the fact that once that friendship is lost it can not be easily restored. However the Vear'Gar have issues with two other species, those being the Gigantes and the Aelf. The issue that the Vear'Gar have with the Gigantes is truly case by case one of the two parties must give or distrust distaste and violence will ensue. And As for their far removed kinsmen the Aelf the Vear'Gar have a deep disgust for them, due to the fact that they see the Aelf as children living off the bones of the ancestors unwilling to fight for their own survival.


    The Homeland of the Vear'Gar is located deep within the black of the underworld, under the mountain range named Emralden. The Vear'Gar have a city and its name is Shamballa, however the peoples of the Vear'Gar also have been known to move above and below ground in trade caravans and the like. Also the Vear'Gar can be found in cities all over the world being employed in many trades.


    The vast majority of the Vear'Gar believe in the religion of the Deep. This religion is based in the worship of Darkness and shadow. The Deep belief comes from the Generations that the Vear'Gar spent in the underworld. Fighting the black resisting it and shunning its teachings it was only when they praised and embraced the deep abyss that they were able to truly know the meaning of survival. With this the belief of the darkness began.


    The Vear'Gar speak both the trade tongs that are more commonly used on the surface and the deep speak.
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