• World of Angtheryus

    The world of Angtheryus is large, measuring 16,000KM wide. Angtheryus has seven seas: Merus is the largest, followed by Gesh, An'ral, Zem, Ban, Frill, and Soguur. There are four major continents on Angtheryus: Is'lay in the north, Savania is in the south, Al'se'war is in the east and Char is in the west. The many civilized territories on Angtheryus have been forged and maintained by different species of humanoids across the world, which in has many different climates that are influenced by aberrant weather patterns.

    Al’se’war’s is extremely hilly, with mountains, deep valleys, and plateaus of widely varying size. This land is a fertile land, teeming with both familiar crops in the verdant fields and odd plants filling the deep forests and hidden vales. The dominant biome of Al'se'war is temperate rain forest, resulting in high humidity, temperature shifts, and rapidly changing weather patterns. The most common natural disasters include tornadoes, wildfires, and extreme thunderstorms, and earthquakes (commonly known to locals as ‘growing pains’).

    The Northern land of Is'lay is a mountainous region that is mainly comprised of fields, forests, swamps, and rivers.

    Sivania is a dry and desert area, spotted with a number of tropical rainforests in the otherwise barren landscape.

    Char, to the west, is an inhospitable area filled with ash and soot from the many volcanoes. The volcanoes also pollute the territory with noxious fumes that make it difficult for vegetation to grow.

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