• Colonies and Towns

    There are currently 8 colonies of Al'se'war:

    1. Rippa Villa, a Barony of the Countess; The dragon hunters villa.
    2. Marblehurst, the Township of the Baron; The working man's town.
    3. Aldpine, the lands of the Human Lords; An agricultural paradise.
    4. Ormont, the city of the Governor; The city that never sleeps.
    5. Whitehurst, the Capital of Gnomish Lords; The city of innovations and complacency.
    6. Roanoke, the Lands of the Lady; A hospitable home.
    7. Los Nietos the City of the Baron; The city of clay and stone.
    8. Los Gladuss, the Wardens City; The Coliseums town.

    Notable Port towns:

    • Kirwin - A Trade town that is on the borders of Ormont.
    • Caro - The black ports leading to the north
    • The Station - The most popular docks in all of Al'se'war

    Notable Towns outside the Colonies:

    • Traders Fork - The town that is outside the docks known as The Station
    • Midgultch - A small town outside of Los Gladuss known to be a troubled place.
    • Crones barge - A town that is known for its magics.
    • Palvue'an - A traders paradise this city is owned and operated by the banks. A city of gold, A debtors hell.

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