• Croatoan and the Toa

    These creatures once were the Fare people of Al’se’war. They originated from Ether itself. The Fare folk colonized and decided to live here within Al'se'war during the times of the Alfnarie thinking that this land was their nirvana. Long ago, these people were a proud race that lived in Memoria the forest of Obscuro, recreating their courts under the rule of the Oberon, his queen, and the princes. Unfortunately, like all matters with power, it was only a matter of time before jealousy and pride clouded the will of the Fare people. The courts became nothing more than backstabbing politics piled on top of threats and assassinations. One harrowing day, the princess was killed with a cold iron dagger. The king was outraged, furious by what his people had done. In a passionate rage, he lashed out at them and cursed them all. He roared harrowed words:

    “A Mortals crime, over petty greed and paltry wants. For such a mortal crime, you all shall be punished with a mortal sentence.”

    With those words, a flash of vibrant blue rang across the continent and the woods grew cold. With their fairy light lost to them, their world became dark and they felt the slow passage of time. The Fare people were turned mortal and cursed to walk the lands. Some went mad and others took their own lives, unable to deal with the new sensations and feelings due to mortality. It has been more than an age since then and time has not been kind to this race. Now they have become primal and animalistic in nature more akin to the most basic of beings in order to match their animalistic deeds ages ago.

    Memoria:​ The Scholars Have learned from lost legend that the woods of Memoria hold dreadful secrets. The woods of Memoria were once the proud Kingdom of the Fare folk, now lost and cursed till this world's end days. A deep thicket of woods roamed by the cursed descendants of the Fare folk. In the center lies an old citadel of the Fare now lost and crumbling, guarded by a hate-filled memory. The capitol is surrounded by the Croatoan filled woods. Only once was there an attempt to colonize by the people of Al’se’war and it ended in tragedy. All colonists were lost in one night and were never heard from again. The woods outskirts are not to be encroached upon for basic lumber due to the disappearances and violent attacks that happen around these woods.
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