• Al'se'war Calendar

    The year is 1015 AF, the AF stands for After Fraternity.

    Al'Se'Warian months and days mirror those of our Gregorian calendar, albeit with different names.


    • January= Wintuary
    • February= Liberatis
    • March= Symboligs
    • April= Seed
    • May= Archetectuary
    • June= Flamenuous
    • July= Emburos
    • August= Cindermis
    • September= Falurus
    • October=Lefless
    • November=Mariut
    • December= Boxendix


    • Monday= Moondas
    • Tuesday= Twilidas
    • Wednesday= Dawndas
    • Thursday= Afterdas
    • Friday= Evedas
    • Saturday= Nighdas
    • Sunday= Sundodas

    Al'Se'Warian Holidays:

    • Folly day= when the Mages were defeated on the last week Falurus
    • Harvest day= 1st week in Leafless celebrating the fall harvests
    • Trade day= Celebrating the beginnings of the summer in the first Archetectuary
    • Foundation day= When the trading courts were established on the second Symboligs
    • Deceleration day= When the country of Al'se'war claimed it's independence from the west.
    • Remembrance day= A solace day of remembrance of all the tragedies of the Colonization of Al'se'war that falls In the 1st week on the first day of Cindermis
    • Harvest moons= Every Harvest moon the people of Al'se'war lock themselves up on these out of fear of Wier's tear.
    • Equinox day= A day of rampant celebration during the cold months of winter held in the first day of the last week in Boxendix
    • open court day= Held on the second week of Mariut the courts open the doors to the public and bring issues directly to the courts.
    • Sallow= A celebration of fear held in the third week of lefless
    • Elsa Warren day= A celebration for the discovery of Al'se'war held within the first week of Mariut
    • Wanderless= A time for celebrating where people all over Al'se'war came from and there people
    • Fools day= A day of jokes carnivals and festivals held on the first day of Seed in the first week.
    • lovers day= A day of proclaiming love and being with those you have fallen in love with held in Liberatis on the second week
    • Kegmier= A day of drinking, parties, and Festivals celebrating life Freedom and the Al'se'war'ian way held in the second week of Liberatis
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