• Welcome to the Al'se'war LARP

    Al'se'war is a live action role playing game based on a High Fantasy Colonial premise.

    “A Flintlock Fantasy.”

    We emphasize heavily in our storytelling and role playing with a cause and effect environment. Meaning what you do will shape the story and the world itself! We have a simplistic rule system that we and you the player add to every season. We are a contact game (boffer combat, latex weapons, boffer archery, nerf guns, and etc.) With no physical contact (IE grappling, shield checking, and etc). We here at Al’se’war also allows some physical roleplay. However at no point can you make any action that could harm or make another individual feel uncomfortable (even if you think the action is safe or harmless). This means gesturing, pickpocketing (in game items), and giving helping hands where needed.

    What we here at Al'se'war strive to do is give more than a Live action role playing game: we strive for is to give an interactive theater experience, where your actions have the chance of changing the world for better or worse, where your efforts have a chance to end wars before people even knew one was there, and where your actions will cover your name in admiration or fear. What we intend to bring to the player is dramatic immersion into the realm that we created.

    We at Al'se'war stress a heavy in game and role play environment. This means that at all times after game on is called the player is the character. However, that statement means more than the method that you act and the manner that you speak. It also means that the player will be required to be in character to play this game; that means all prosthetic and makeup must be worn and some form of periodical clothing will be required.

    Now in closing this brings us to another part of the game this game, Maturity level. Now if this games atmosphere and themes were to be rated in the same way movies were, it would be rated R. Furthermore, that no person under the age of 14 may play without express permission from an adult.We hope you will join us and have all the fun you can.
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