• Weir

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    Divine of Death, life, and the cycle


    • Home Plane - Beyond existence
    • Alignment - Neutral
    • Realm of Influence - Death, Life, Time, Eternity, Reality, Law
    • Domains - Energy, Power, Eternal, Death, Life and time
    • Favored Weapons - Scythe

    There is no origin for this creature he has always been. In the beginning he wondered the black of the Void seeking something until he witnessed the Lords of Chaos awaken. Then after the verse was created he knew what his purpose was and always will be, and that purpose was to guide the deaths of the verse to the beyond.

    Weir Guides the Souls of the dead to their final rest and possible rebirth. Once you die he weighs the deeds you have performed in life and if they are found aberrant and dark he swallows your soul whole and removes it from the great cycle, if you are found decent and good you pass on and are reborn through the veil with a new life a and chance to live with new possibilities. Those who have died and were blessed with the ability to resurrect and come back from the brink of eternity, remember that they were offered a chance to play the keeper in a game of chance. If they won they live to move on for the time. But Weir will always have what is Weirs'. Weirs Dogma is that of pure death, meaning that in death all thing are fair. Death is neutral and does not judge based on age, sex, religion, class, or creed all die eventually. However it is suggested to live a good life filled with pious ambition or your spirit will never know true rest, for if not you will be swallowed by the death God and stripped clean for what will feel like an eternity until your spirit is clean enough to rejoin the cycle and not pollute the other spirits.

    When feeling you will die if there is a particular appetite that has not been fed, let that part of you die.
    From the day of your birth, your death began its walk. It is walking towards you, without hurrying.

    Nothing is forbidden, no secret shall escape you.
    Life is a beautiful lie and death is a truth.
    Fear not death, if you have lived wisely.
    Death is the greatest blessing of all.
    All kills should be treated with respect.

    The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

    Do not seek death, Death will find you; But seek the road,which makes death a fulfillment.

    Wiers followers are few and not especially popular, given their close association with funerals, funeral rights, and Graveyard tending. Wier priests wear black and will ring black bells to call the Divine to the dead. There places of worship are usually found in graveyards as small shrines to mourn and praise the God of the Dead.
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