• Merus

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    The Home giver
    The Ocean


    • Home Plane - Material Plane
    • Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
    • Realm of Influence - Merus's water and all others bodies of water
    • Domains - Power, Energy, Ice, Water
    • Favored Weapons - Triton and a Net

    The Alfnari never bothered to teach the Oodine their religion, so the Oodine were allowed to find their own. What they came to believe in was the ocean that they worked and lived in: Merus. Merus was their lives, their comfort, and eventually their home. It is no surprise that the only deity they believe in is their beloved Merus. It is hard to tell if their belief merely awoke a divine presence that already existed in the ocean's depths or if their belief gave shape to Merus her/himself. For most Oodine, they believe that they helped to create Merus and thus Merus helped to create them. If not for Merus' depths, after all, the Alfnari would never have needed underwater workers. It is a circular belief, but one that Merus has never commented on. Suffice it to say that the Oodine and Merus made each other into what they now are and each hold the other dear, in their own ways.

    Merus has few laws of her/his own. Because this particular divine is ever-changing, it seems foolish to impose laws and dogma on her/him. Some factions believe there are guidelines to follow, but there is only one rule that all agree on: protect Merus' ocean. Do not pollute, do not allow others to damage Merus' waves, do not over-fish or take more resources than the ocean can safely provide. It is a sensible rule designed to keep their home plentiful. Sometimes this one rule is expanded and altered, depending on the interpretation. There has been times in history where the Oodine were banned from breeding due to worries of overpopulation and times where the Oodine were encouraged to have as many children as possible because Merus' waters were in trouble. By and large though, this rule results in nothing more than a people dedicated to preserving their home's health.

    All of Merus' dedicated followers (and many Oodine and Aquatic humanoids overall) have a symbol tattooed somewhere on their body, though never anywhere near their forehead. The higher a person is ranked in Merus' followers, the higher on their body their tattoo will be.

    The Oodine treat their ocean with a great respect, viewing it as an extension of their God and they view their God/ocean as an almost parental figure. After all, their God is their home so every Oodine has a deep connection to Merus. They interchange gender pronouns for Merus when they talk about her/him. While they celebrate Merus and dedicate a great deal of beautiful dances, songs, and others works of art to her/him, they also know that Merus can be quite unforgiving and cruel. They view Merus as a contradiction that completes itself, one that protects and endangers them, one that loves and cares not for them, one that is both good and bad.

    Most Oodine choose to follow Merus as this contradictory being, but others choose to dedicate themselves to specific facets of Merus, such as Merus' cruelty and destructive abilities, or Merus' ability to provide shelter and life for those that live in its comforting depths. In short, the Oodine worship Merus alone, but they are many ways to worship such a contradictory God.
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