• Farash

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    The daylight star
    Home mother
    The Alfnarian hope.


    • Home plane - The Void
    • Alignment - Chaotic good
    • Realm of Influence - Healing, Hardship, Hearth, and home
    • Domains - Light, Energies, Power, Healing
    • Favored Weapons - Bow and Arrow

    Long ago their were the Alfnaria who fervently prayed and worshiped Farash the Home mother, and in an instant vanished. Some believe that this was due to their hubris turning away from their beliefs, others say that they were reclaimed by Farash in a great rapture, and some believe they were punished for their attempts to capture the God; all these beliefs thou have one common point the Alfnarian are gone. Aelf's the descendants of the Alfnarian admonish and give praise to the star of Farash as a guiding light to their people and Farash blesses them with its light guiding them ever onward to home.

    The Concords of Farash is the belief of bringing light, compassion and leading all out of Darkness. The Dogma teaches those that follow it hardships are but steps to enlightenment and life is cruel and unfair and there is no reason that any person should bring more hardship to others. Though the Concords teach people many things about acceptance and compassion it also teaches that some things require a heavier hand and that no good deed is not worth fighting for.

    Hardship may come from the outside, but failure can only come from the inside.
    To love beauty is to see light.
    Hardships often prepare people for extraordinary destinies.
    At a distance you only see my light, come closer and know that I am you.
    Today the light will shine on you.
    Healing is not an overnight process, it is a daily healing of your life.

    The followers of Farash are people willing to do anything to help those that they love, those that they care for and all others that are worthy of their light. They are strong individuals that believe that deeds are their own rewards and that all are seeking their home in their own way. Followers and believers of Farash will keep a small wooden or cloth relief in their home and also adorn a favor on their belt with the symbol upon it.
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