• The Grey Lady

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    The Grey Lady
    Saint of the Balance


    • Home Plane - The Material plane
    • Alignment - Neutral
    • Realm of Influence - Balance of the self and the world around.
    • Domains - Magic, Elements, Power, Energy, Mage rights, Antediluvian and Blood magic
    • Favored Weapons - Magic of all forms

    The last known survivor of the Mage's Fraternities inner circle. At the end of their rain this female mage (name now lost to time ) sealed her very being and power in to objects of power, That is the divine not the one that wears them, the one that wears them is only a thrall that the spirit of the divine has possessed then shortly after they become the witch. This divine is interested in the continuation of the balance of the world so that tragedies like the war of the mages folly is never repeated.

    There is not much to the teachings of the Grey. The teachings are about maintaining balance of both good and evil; never tripping into the black or the white and maintaining the Grey. However even with this the saints Dogma is not followed by many due to he sorted beginnings.

    Stars can not shine without darkness.
    Balance is the key to a long existence.
    Nothing is absolute.
    Learning is a gift, even when pain is the teacher.
    There is no such thing as absolutes.
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