• Con and Noc (Connoc)

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    Connoc (Con and Noc)
    The Dueling Twins
    The Conjoined Coin


    Home Plane: The Vale
    Alignment: Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil.
    Realm of Influence: Opposing Natures, Opposites, Contradictions, Choices, Divides
    Domains: Energy, Power, and spirits.
    Favored Weapons : Noc- Large hammer & Con - Poison.

    There are two versions of their story.

    Con's story is thus…

    One day long ago, he and his sister were like everyone else. He doesn't remember the race they once were, or even if they were true siblings. Those details do not matter though. They played as children did and they enjoyed each other's company as most family does. Then, one day, he told Noc she was short. She said she was tall. That was the beginning and since then they could not stop arguing. At first they just disagreed. Then those disagreements turned to screams that went on and on until only blood came out of their mouths. Then one would chase the other until neither of their legs could bear their weight and then they would fight. They'd fight until their arms broke from exhaustion and their weapons were smashed to dust. Then they would be forced to glare until sleep and rest healed them.

    The two never agreed and never could part, each trying to get the other to see it their way. They fought until they died and then after that. They fought until, finally, the great divines could take their arguing no more. They were brought back, doomed to walk hand-in-hand until the two could finally agree with each other. Their fate is a warning to all those who fight over mindless nonsense. They are the examples to all how opposites should never try and separate as soon as possible. It's a punishment with no end, in Con's mind. The two can't even agree what races they're supposed to be, let alone on anything else.

    Con constantly blames Noc for his fate. She was, after all, always the one that started the fights, the one that didn't have the good sense to see it his way. The one that never shut up long enough to pretend to agree when immortality was threatened upon them. Yet, despite this, he acknowledges that without her, he would not exist. Without each other they would not be Connoc. They would never be whole. No matter how much he disagrees with Noc, he'd never give that up. To be himself, he needs Noc.

    Noc's version of their tale is…

    A long time ago, there was a pair that never agreed on anything. They each viewed the world so differently, yet each was right in their own kind of way. One day, one of them died. It doesn't matter how. The important part is that the one that was left refused to believe their companion was dead. After all, without the other, then they were nothing. The living one baited the corpse, serving it food it knew it hated, saying things it knew the other vehemently disagreed with, doing all it could to get its friend to speak again. Weeks, months, lifetimes passed and the dead one had still said nothing. The living one could take it no more and fell beside it's fallen friend and cried. The living one cried until there was nothing left in them. They screamed and railed and bloodied themselves trying to wake the dead one up.
    Finally, after lifetimes had passed, the living one laid next to the dead one and admitted defeat. "You're dead. I don't know why I didn't see it before...but you're dead and it's time for me to accept that and move on." Only, when the living one went to move, the dead one's hand lashed out and grabbed the living one's hand. "I'm not dead. I was just resting my eyes." Since then, neither had dared to let go of the other, for fear death would take one of them away again. According to Noc, one doesn't really exist without the other.
    Noc never says which one was the live one or the dead one, but while she'd never tell, she knows it was Con that brought her back. She has no explanation as to which divine blessed them to live together forever and she doesn't care. To her they are a example of how everyone needs contradictions in their lives, how opposites can live with each other, and how there are many truths.
    The two agree on one thing and one thing only: without the other, they'd not be whole. They'd be like a coin split in two.

    There is no set Dogma for these two. One preaches acceptance of contradictory thoughts and to look to see the common ground. The other swears there is no common ground to be found, not when one person says a thing is white and the other says it is black. Those that follow Connoc are often at odds with even their own other followers.

    Those that follow Con and Noc are those that are desperate to bridge two opposing sides of themselves or to make sense of a world they find too contradictory in nature to make sense. It is hard to be a follower of Connoc, the Conjoined Coin, as their followers are forced to accept the contradictions within themselves and within others, all while never seeking to extinguish those contradictions.

    Connoc's followers have no set dress code, but they often wear contrasting colors and all of them will wear two coins-one that shows one side of the coin and the other the other side.
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