• Dynastus

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    Saint of Dragons
    Keeper of the Wings
    Keeper of the Swarm


    • Home Plane - Material Plane
    • Alignment - Neutral
    • Realm of Influence - War, sky, fire and Eldritch energies
    • Domains - Energy and Power
    • Favored Weapons - Two handed Axes

    Dynastus is the God of dragons. This creature was not ascended by mortals this creature through time. Magic, and ferocity became as powerful as the Gods and is now worshiped by Zayeaf and revered by all other dragons. Through time this being is now revered as a patron saint of war as well.

    The Dogma of Dynastus is that of the belief of Strength and Power. Dynastus is also the patron God odof the Zayeaf who in their myth’s were his children and who he taught them to survive and give fight those who wronged them.

    Its only when we've lost everything, we are free to do anything.
    If you don't fight for what we want, don't cry for what you lost.
    If you don't fight for what you want, you only deserve what you get.
    Fight until you die or win.
    You can not remake yourself without suffering, for you are both the marble and the sculptor.

    The ones that follow the teachings of Dynastus are either involved with the military, mercenary crews, or some form of militant companies. Dynastus worship Also includes a sacrifice once a year on the first new moon of a heart of either a hunt or an enemy. There is no known temple to Dynastus other than in the lands of the Zayeaf.
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