• Sallow Man

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    Sallow Man
    Saint of Secrets and Fear
    The One Who Holds all the Cards
    Wielder of the Divine Secret


    • Home Plane - The Vale
    • Alignment - Neutral Evil
    • Realm of Influence - Secrets and Fear.
    • Domains - Macabre, Power, Spirit, Fear
    • Favored Weapons - Claws

    Sallow Man is a man that existed when humans were still in there infancy and the Aelfs were still debating whether the humans were savages or not. He set out upon the world on a pilgrimage to learn the great secrets of the verse. And from that day forward he amassed every secret and lie that this world could offer. Then one fateful day during the night he disappeared, not to long after stories began cropping up of man who would appear during the dark and would offer to tell people a secret if they would give him one of their teeth, it was also said that once all their teeth where gone he would gobble them up with a smile. This children s story is close to the truth, however he does not claim a tooth from those who summon him he claims a chunk of their spirit based on the secret he tells. Until there is nothing left other than a husk witch he then feeds on. The tragedy behind this now creature is that all he ever wanted was to find out how to get home, and he is now literally the man who knew to much.

    Sallow man is a duality Deity based on the fact that his influence is both over Secrets and that of fear. With this his Dogma focuses mostly on the fact that nothing is forbidden and all is permitted.

    Closing your eyes is nothing but a surrender.
    Fear is Beautiful.
    Everything has a secret that would break you.
    Horror is beyond the reach of the mind.
    Perfect order is the forerunner of Chaos.

    There are no known followers Of Sallow man that pray for secrets, There are those that follow his power over Fear .There are no known organized cults given this deities nature, however there are those that believe in the absolute fear aspect that this deity holds dominion over. The followers of that aspect will keep a certain type of porcelain doll with dead eyes as if to scare off all those that would attempt to lie to them.
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