• Zeal

    Attachment 68
    Conductor of Emotions
    The Director
    The Musician of the Soul.


    • Home Plane - The Maelstrom of emotions
    • Alignment - Chaotic Evil
    • Realm of Influence - All emotions
    • Domain - Emotions, Power, and Energy
    • Favored Weapons - A dagger

    There are so many names that this creature has held over the years the most recent being now Zeal. Truth is that the Man that is now known as Zeal. Started out as no more than an Demon of emotion that became stronger due to his proactive and twisted nature. Now he relishes the emotions of mortals as a delicacy. Once long ago a pirate that delighted in watching his victims agony and desperation while in his captivity. On a whim when he thought he had done all that he could do to people he sailed his ship to the edge of the world and into the maelstrom and disappeared. Now he exists to give and feed on all the emotions of people just to wait till the end and take it all away to see the depth of that persons despair.

    Two Hear the symphony of emotions to know the High cord and to rue in the lows that is the chorus of the heart This is his dogma, Zeal's Concerto.

    Do not look for monsters, they are within.
    If you are just safe about the choices you make, you don't grow.
    It should depress one to know how alone they are.
    The world is a prison, only the freeing of your mind can free you.
    Emotions make us, denying them makes us beasts.

    The followers of Zeal are overemotional and sometimes even mad. They brand them selves with the mark of Zeal to show praise and admonishment. However those that have been blessed with Zeal's gifts usually dislike or never new the being before the blessing. And after the ordeal they will continue to pray to the Devil for more as if addicted to him.
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