• Tal’Varash

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    Devil of Temptation
    Power Behind the Throne
    The Devil in the Mirror


    • Home Plane - The Dark Place.
    • Alignment - Lawful Evil
    • Realm of Influence - Blood and Greed for all things
    • Domains - Power, Energy, Spirits, Demons, Blood magic, Death, Pain And Eldritch
    • Favored Weapons - Spear

    Tal’Varash is one of the oldest Devils that live in the Dark places realms with this age comes it's power. Tal’Varash enjoys playing with lesser beings like puppets. Promising them whatever they wish right up till the end, then twisting their wants to ultimately what she wants. Then once all is said and done takes the payment and slinks back to the void. This devil bides it's time awaiting its emergence from the Dark place with it's demonic hordes.

    The Dogma of Tal'Varash is that patience and power wins out over all else. Tal'Varash teaches those that follow it that one must exist for oneself and no other. All efforts must be to garner more power for oneself. Then after one garners all that power wealth and such for themselves they then are to sacrifice themselves to Tal'Varash; to offer up their power to its ends.

    Speak once mean three things.
    Lieing comes natural to those that speak the truth.
    What is yours is yours, even if they do not know it yet.
    Do not use the word pain like you know what it means.
    Sacrifice is the epitome of Faith.

    No Followers or believers come out about following the beliefs of Tal'Varash due to the controversy that comes with it. However there are many Cults all over the world that follow this Devils teachings due to the allure of the fulfillment of living for oneself and empowering one self.
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