• Zybal

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    The Devourer
    The Great Maw
    Swallower of Souls
    The Lone Hunger


    • Home Plane - The Dark Place and The Vale
    • Alignment - Neutral Evil
    • Realm of Influence - Hunger for all things and Blood
    • Domains - Power, Spirits, blood and Death
    • Favored Weapons - Two handed swords

    Zybal the lone hunger, The only Devil that has no host. The reason that he has no host is due to the fact that all spirits and demons that are lesser than it, it devours. After the ages that he has spent in the dark place swallowing up all these beings garnered him the title and power of a Devil. This devil dwells close to the veil sniffing at the spirits the spark of mortals for he favors those the most as a delicacy. His favor is only gifted to those that promise their life to him.

    The Dogma of Zybal is simple; take gain power, devour gain power, However one thing that must be remembered above all else is to savor the meal every morsel like it is the last one ever. For this Glutenous way is the way to happiness and exaltation.

    Flesh well kill your spirit.
    It is not necessity that summons the hunger, it is Desire.
    He sleep of Zybal sensuous of gluttony of Oblivion.
    To hunger for power is to see and devour.

    At present there are no gatherings in Zybal's name nor are their any temples or shrines dedicated to him. Among people it is a belief that to call out to him it is suicide, so as for followers among the mortal plains there are none. The Devourer though has not been seen or heard from it for years.
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