• Zornfur

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    The Berserker
    Everliving Hate
    The Drunken War Devil


    • Home Plane - The Dark Place and The Vale
    • Alignment - Chaotic Evil
    • Realm of Influence - Wrath, War and Blood
    • Domains - Energy, Power, demons, Blood Magic, Flame and Spirits
    • Favored Weapons - Bladed weapons

    Zornfur the berserked devil is a devil that has sustained his position Even after all others have faded or perished because of two reasons; His never ending lust for destructive battles, and Rage. The rage feeds Zornfur it nourishes him and sustains him with this it is now easily to see why they call him the everliving hate for it would seem that this being is truly immortal.

    The book of rage teaches those, that anger can sustain you and that they should give themselves over to it completely. It teaches those to give them selves to hate holly and become like him and kill and maim all that stand before them.

    Drink in the Anger, and all will die.
    Every scar makes you more.
    Hate drives out weakness, that is all you need to know.
    Let go of yourself and turn unto me.
    Control, let it go and become free.

    The true Followers of Zornfur those that have given themselves over to him fully, they know only the hate and can see only red. Those that follow Zornfur live a life of pain and anguish they hate and harm themselves in his name. They become cursed beings known as Berserkers leaving only corpses behind. They gnaw on their kills like wild beasts, They howl for no reason. Then at the end they die and feed the flame of hate.
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