• Kronos

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    The End
    The Great Cataclysm
    Destruction Personified


    • Home Plane - The verge of the Eye of Oblivion within the center of the Void
    • Alignment - Lawful Evil
    • Realm of Influence - Power and strength energies, Antediluvian
    • Domains: - Voidal and Chaotic energies, spirits, life, death, oblivion, and destruction
    • Favored Weapons -

    In the beginning it Slumbered in the void, until the one known as the Architect created life. After the deed was done he looked upon the creation and saw nothing but weakness and frailty he saw the worlds very creation as an affront to his own existence. Then attempted to lash out at what he called the Architect's failure the Architect stood before Kronos and his horde and forced them to hold there Cleansing. So then this lord of Chaos and the benevolent Architect struck a deal that if at any point that his creation collapsed in on itself. He would be free to beset himself upon the world that collapsed to erase it, both agreed; and also agreed to stick to their Nature.

    The Dogma:
    Destruction and spreading of the dark emotions and only the dark emotions given off by the Eye of Oblivion. There is few variations from this even with the differing of the Chaos lords.

    Teaching of Kronos:
    In the Beginnings there was he; by the end there will only be me.
    I am the harrowed harbinger of perfection.
    Hope is etched upon bodies of the dead, turning them to infinite Darkness.
    Truth of existence lie within Oblivion.
    We are infinitely your greater.

    Chaos Cultists exist in the world spreading fear and calamitous messages through out the lands, however they also have been found to also perform profane rituals of sacrifice on both the willing and the unwilling. It seems that at present there current goal is to spread decent and mistrust and adding more violent thought in violent situations. Death in droves is what they ultimately seek it seems.
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