• Hexus

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    The Defiler
    The Second Sun
    Ether Incarnate


    • Home Plane - The verge of the Eye of Oblivion within the center of the Void
    • Alignment - Neutral Evil
    • Realm of Influence - Form, Power, Energy, and Antediluvian
    • Domains - Voidal and Chaotic energies, spirits, life, death, oblivion, and destruction
    • Favored Weapons -

    Hexus is power overwhelming. The Second sun was the second being to Awaken from the Eye of Oblivion. His power is said to be what tainted the verse with other energies giving mutations through out it. His energies are what created harmful and even destructive life giving rise to the birth of monsters of all sizes, however his energies are what some believe magics and the very Eldritch energies That permeate the verse come from.

    The Teaching of Chaos is this; Destruction and spreading of the dark emotions and only the dark emotions given off by the Eye of Oblivion. There is few variations from this even with the differing of the Chaos lords.

    Do not think you belong, you are a afterthought of an afterthought.
    Stand amongst the ashes of the dead of thousands, and ask them do you see the second sun.
    Submit, we are the way.
    Nothing is what I crave.
    I am power Overwhelming, You are nothing ends to a mean.
    Curse not my blessing, for my Curse is a Blessing.

    Chaos Cultists exist in the world spreading fear and calamitous messages through out the lands, however they also have been found to also perform profane rituals of sacrifice on both the willing and the unwilling. It seems that at present there current goal is to spread decent and mistrust and adding more violent thought in violent situations. Death in droves is what they ultimately seek it seems.
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