• Damascus

    Attachment 57
    The Lord of Chaos
    The Intermixing of Existence and Non-Existence
    The Golden Lord


    • Home Plane - The Eye Of Oblivion.
    • Alignment - Chaotic neutral
    • Realm of Influence - Everything
    • Domains - Voidial and Chaotic Energy, Power, Spirits, Life, Death, Oblivion, Reality, Creation destruction, Antediluvian
    • Favored Weapons - None

    Damascus is a mystery, elusive, unpredictable, and violent. It terrifies most that seek its truth. The challenge of seeking him, is the action to seek death. The place to seek it out is Oblivion itself. It is the one where all dark energies flow from, and where all matter will converge in the verse. Damascus is the center of the black that shines like gold. Is he an end or a beginning Scholars, Theologists, and Mages have asked themselves that for a time. However there is one consensus of him Damascus is the true ruler and Lord of Chaos.

    The Teaching of Chaos is this; Destruction and spreading of the dark emotions and only the dark emotions given off by the Eye of Oblivion. There is few variations from this even with the differing of the Chaos lords.

    Nothing is where you come from, it is where you will return one day.
    My power is my mind, and my mind is my power.
    It Slumbers in the deep.

    Chaos Cultists exist in the world spreading fear and calamitous messages through out the lands, however they also have been found to also perform profane rituals of sacrifice on both the willing and the unwilling. It seems that at present there current goal is to spread decent and mistrust and adding more violent thought in violent situations. Death in droves is what they ultimately seek it seems.
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