• The Dark Realm of Angtheryus

    The Dark realm is widely considered to be the Architects darkest nightmare; where the horrors of the verse linger between space and time, the place where the demons and Chaos Lords call their own. The Dark realm is the anti life to the life that exists in the world; it is a negative universe that has nothing but malignant raw energies and malevolent consensuses existing within it. And at its center, a giant Black hole that birthed the negative energy twisting the inhabitants and beings even beyond the vale. The Black hole is known as the Eye of Oblivion. The Dark realm Is a world comprised of raw power where form and light have no place, both a home and a prison for the spirits, demons, devils, and the agents of chaos.

    The creatures that inhabit this alternate and malleable reality are Spirits, Demons, and Chaos Lords. These beings that inhabit this reality mindsets can appear insane to a mortal. Altruistically Spirits and Demons want to experience what it is to be alive, The missing part of their existence that their creator the Architect left out. They are jealous of other life. These are malicious beings from the Dark realm that feeds on the darker parts of the mortal psyche like rage, pride, hunger, and desire. The more complex the emotion is that they feed on, the more intelligent and powerful the Demon or Spirit who feeds on it can be. Demons and Spirits are categorized into a hierarchy by human observers, however they do not follow any of these known theory’s. Among themselves, there is no true Hierarchy and it appears it is all based on the weak follow the strong.

    There are 4 layers to this Dark Realm.

    The First Layer:
    The first layer is where lesser beings known as Spirits do dwell. These Spirits are considered weak; they are more commonly known for their ability to posses people, animals, inanimate objects, and the elements that are around them when they cross over. They cannot take on any grandiose forms like others from this verse. There consciousness comes from the energies of one of the 6 great evils that feeds their existence. These creatures are referred to as Spirits.

    The Second Layer:
    The second layer is where true demons dwell. They are a much more powerful form of than the first layers inhabitants. Their consciousness comes from the energies of one of the 6 great evils that feeds their existence, however unlike the first layers beasts these creatures have a higher intelligence, and the ability to manifest themselves in forms once passing through the vale. Demons also can command spirits as well. The layer is also home to the the Devils as well.

    The Third Layer:
    The third layer Is the closest to the Eye of Oblivion. Known as the realm of Chaos its the dimension where the Chaotic energy flows unchecked and the agents of Chaos dwell there deep within Battling aimlessly with one another. The Chaos lords are not to be considered demons or devils. They are not of the designs of the Architect, they are beings birthed of the Eye of Oblivion they are beings of a true and terrible power.

    The Fourth Layer:
    The Fourth Layer is the Eye of Oblivion, a black void of nothing that stretches to infinity.

    The Energies that the Eye of Oblivion gives off, gives rise to negative emotions that the Spirits, Demons and Devils to feed off of. These negative emotions have been deemed the 6 great evils:

    • Apathy
    • Cruelty
    • Lust
    • Wrath
    • Envy
    • Pride

    Tears in the Vale:
    On rare occasions, the Dark realm is able to break out into the physical universe in what is known as a tear in the vale. A Tear is a weakening of the barrier between the Dark realm and the the verse, allowing its creatures to enter. Sometimes, tears occur randomly, while other times the Demons, Devils, or mortals performing certain rituals manufacture them. Some last mere moments, others for days, years, or longer. They can take many forms, often a seething whirlpool of raw Energies, other times as a terrifying glimpse into the Void that is the Dark realm and as clouds of impenetrable Fog. These Tears also perform as a second function, working like a lifeline and allowing its denizens to exist outside the Dark realm without possessing a body.
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