• Spirits

    Spirits range from either extremely powerful or weak. They are more commonly known for their ability to posses people, animals, inanimate objects, and the elements that are around them when they cross over. Their major use is as spies or troublemakers. They tend to be ghostly forms capable of flying or phasing in and out of existence. They are cowards and flee combat if they are not in a Possessed form. The majority of these demons are commonly used as cannon fodder. These fabled "legions of Dark realm" are beings without much intelligence and go on the emotions that they spawn from. Upon observation these Spirits also tend to be overconfident and have a love of fighting and torturing the ones that have let them out of the Dark realm.

    Spirits often cannot distinguish between a living being and a dead one and will readily take control of either. This is thought to be the cause for the custom of burning the dead in the Mages Fraternity. As with most spirits, it is essentially impossible for these beings to survive in the mortal world without possessing a host body or possessing a life force of a current living being, or being in the prescience of a tear in the Vale between the worlds.

    Legends and myths claims these malevolent Spirits are the first creation of the Architect, angry at their creator for turning from them and jealous of those creations he considered superior. They stare across the Vale at the living feeding on their dark intent, and do not understand what they see, yet they know they crave it. They desire life, they trick the living into pulling them across the Vale and feed on their divine spark in exchange for hollow worldly things. We know that any demon will seek to possess the Magically inclined, To Use their power to rip open tears in the Vale and if at all possible to tear the Vale down to allow more to cross unto the world. The strength of a possessed being depends entirely on the power of the Spirit that possesses them. This is true, in fact, of all possessed creatures. One Spirit even if of the same brood is not the same as any other.

    How to rid yourself of possession:
    The only known ways to exorcise a demon from a sentient being without killing its host is to enter the possessed beings Spark and confront it directly, know the true name of the Demon and command it out, or have Priest use his faith and force it out. All of these ways to exorcise pose a great threat to the exorcist. If the host is killed, the demon returns to the to The Dark realm unscathed with the Spark, It is even said that those that were born with the blessings of resurrection are extremely taxed from the death.

    Abominations are the result of both the powerful and weak Spirits possession. Here are some recorded examples of these Possessions:

    When a Powerful Spirit takes control of the corpse of a magic user, a Wraith King is born, possessing all the spellcasting abilities of a living caster and the powers of the Spirit, as well as the ability to command other lesser possessed beings.

    Another powerful possession is if the corpse was a capable warrior takes place an Ab’a’don a hell knight is created. This being will posses all the powers of the fallen warrior plus the strength and tenacity of the Spirit as well

    When a Weaker Spirit takes a long dead corpse over, A skeleton is created. Once created the creature is possessed by the hunger of the Spirit that wants the spark of life, these skeletons attempt to consume whatever life they can find and often possess the ability to drain life energies from their victims.

    The weak willed person once possessed becomes a deceiver. A deceiver is a creature that draws unsuspecting victims into making deals with them so that they gain more power slowly until the Host Body is Drained and dies.

    An animal Possession is usually commanded by Demons or strong Spirits to become disposable weapons. This is due to the fact that this Possession permanently mixes the Spirit and the Vessel and will only produce tainted creatures that lose their sentience and become no better than the beast they dwell with in.

    Inanimate objects that are possessed usually become things like cursed items, or abysmal constructs. The items that are cursed will work like a deal with demons giving the wielder immense power however they will ultimately lead their bearer to Ruin. The Abysmal Constructs are a short lived versions of possession. The constructs that it produces are extremely powerful, however the being inside is slowly dying and experiencing the fear of death they would not be able to feel in regular existence.

    Even the elements are not safe when in the presence of Spirits. A Demon will posses any of the basic four elements Flame, Lightning, Stone, and Ice. And from that it will create elemental creatures out of them. These Spirits need to feel what it is to be warm or cold, also what it is to see what it is like to die in them.
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