• History of the Dark Realm

    The Architects first creations were spirits, glorious beings that populated all the corners of the black. The Spirits revered the Architect with unquestioning devotion. The Architect was dissatisfied with his creation though. Although the spirits were like him in that they could manipulate their reality and create from it, they did not do so. They had no urge to create, and even when instructed to do so the spirits possessed no imagination to give their creations ingenuity or life. The Architect realized His own folly. He had created the spirits to resemble him, but the one and most important way they did not. They did not have the spark of the divine within them. Unable to bring himself to destroy his creation he then trapped all the spirits now in his newly created Dark dimension and sealed them behind the Vale and proceeded to His next creation, life. The Architect created the world and living things upon it, separated from the Dark realm by the Vale. His new Dream would be unable to shape the world around them and thus they would need to struggle to survive. In return for their struggle, the Architect gave them the spark of the divine, and He watched with pleasure as His creations flourished and showed all the ingenuity that He had hoped for. The spirits grew jealous of the living and coaxed them to the Dark realm where they were sealed. The spirits wished to know more of life, hoping to find a way to regain the Architects favor. Through the eyes of the living, they experienced new concepts: love, fear, pain, and hope. The spirits shapeless and formless begin to feed on the emotions the lives they would take, each spirit desperately trying to gain the most power so they could vicariously posses a spark of the divine through them. Over time the spirits grew in power, however, they became contemptuous of life. These spirits Now feeding off the more darker emotions; due to the more readily come by than others. These spirits questioned the Architect's wisdom and proclaimed the living inferior. They learned from the darkness they saw and became the first Demons. Apathy, Cruelty, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Pride These are the dark parts of the Divine spark that give demons their power, the hooks they use to claw their way into the world of the living. It was demons that whispered into the minds of men, convincing them to turn from the Architects light, and embrace their greed for more. They seek to possess all life as their due, forging kingdoms of nightmares in the world outside of the vale, in the hopes of waking the dreamer and ending his dream.

    “And the Architect despaired for he created in his own image, And what came forth was Ruin.”
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