• Demons and Devils

    The more Powerful inhabitants of the Dark realm second layer are the demons. Demons are more powerful beings for they can take on full physical forms once crossing over the vale, however their bodies consist of no more than sodium and other trace elements. Their consciousness comes from the energies of the evils that feed their existence. This type of demon is more rare: they are Controlling types. They have spiritual or magical powers ranging from the annoying to the devastating. Demons have a tendency to go to magically inclined people to broker deals for power. However once that deal is made what actually happens is the being that makes those deals life force is drained in trade for the demons power, and when the deal maker can go on no longer, they die. Once these Demons get their due they use their new power source to create more and larger tears allowing hosts of Spirit and other Demons to cross over into the realm of the Mortals, tainting the area possibly even whole lands with the denizens of the Dark realm and all the Dark realms energies.

    Despite the numerous examples of demonic Crossing and the requirements of it, Shades prove that Demons do not always have to wait for the Vale to tear or open up in order to cross over. Such creatures exist as Ghost like shadows, feeding off the minds of those it encounters. These Demons can cross and retreat back into the Dark realm via Pin holes in the vale. In times, such Demons will learn to drain energy from a persons psyche directly and in increasing quantities, just as they did to a lesser scale in the The Dark realm so that the Demon may feel everything in it natural state. This weakens the victims until they go into a catatonic coma then die.

    The second layer is also home to the the devils as they are beings that have tasted many sparks and are close to forging their own. Devils are the most powerful of the first creations of the Architect, for they are fractions of his power given physical form. These beings are intelligent and usually malevolent entities of the Dark realm. A Devils appearance and characteristics reflect its own nature. They are a living embodiment of the emotions which they feed on. Devils are a great threat to the peoples of Angtheryus, for unlike the other hosts of Spirits and Demons, they are not wholly confined to the Dark realm. They work to bring about the day when the Vale between the mortal realms is collapsed altogether, allowing the inhabitants of the Dark realm through to Reclaim the favor that they had lost and steal the Spark of mortals so that they all may feel his adoration. It is theorized that untold thousands of Demons, Spirits, and other creatures that defy easy classification by mortal scholars make up the hosts of Devils. These Hosts are spawned and destroyed by the needs and whims of their Devil, the size of a Devils forces swells and shrinks with the power he acquires at any given time. Devils are collectively the greatest beings that exist in the Dark realm next only to the Chaos lords.
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