• The Chaos Lords

    Chaos is the anti life catalyst, the spark that starts the fires that will one day swallow the verse.

    The Chaos Lords that dwell within the deep of the Dark realm, are known as:

    • Damascus, the one that Slumbers within the Void
    • Hexus, the Second Sun
    • Kronos, the Reclaimer

    The Chaos Lords and their Agents of Chaos all inhabit the deepest part of the Dark realm, and it is often referred to as the Realm of Chaos. The Dark lords draw their Power from the Eye of Oblivion, and in turn the Eye also bleeds forth negative energy that taints the Divine sparks that lie in all sentient life. The Chaos Lords maintain their own agendas, the nature of which matches their own personality and interests exactly. The Realm of Chaos is marred by nearly constant warfare and strife between Lords and there ruinous powers, they constantly scheme and battle against one another in an eternal struggle for dominance that can never be won. There is but one exception, no action will ever be taken against Damascus for he is what spawned them; he is the great Leviathan that slumbers in the deep. The Chaos Lords and their Agents are consumed by this struggle, and in truth pay very little attention to the on goings of the world beyond the Vale, save for when the actions of mortals either present a threat to all of the Chaos Lords continued activities or When Anti life equation has been fulfilled so that they may erase another world from the grand design.

    Myth and legend dictates that the release of Chaos Lords is closely tied to the disappearance with stars in the night skies and destruction of a world and all other spacial bodies that surround that world. once released a Chaos Lord will do something akin to "Erase the Verse and all within ". At present no one knows what can release the Chaos lords and the only writing that has been found was a prophecy laid down from the Aelfnari.

    “When the rivers of life are filled by the dead, the vale will thin, and chaos will reign supreme.”

    As an immortal and vastly powerful entity whose true nature defies description (even the simple issue of whether one of them is a singular entity or a plurality of Consciousness is ambiguous), the motivations of the Chaos Lords may not be possible to represent in human terms. As such, the mortal and quasi-mortal inhabitants of the world have expressed a variety of opinions on what the Chaos Lords want beyond the action of returning all to a bleak nothingness.
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