• HEROIC Fundamental Rules

    These five rules apply to all Players in all Heroic interactive theatre games. There are neverexceptions to these rules. To break these rules would be dangerous and/or illegal and will result inrepercussions up to and including the offending party being removed from the game or bannedwithout a refund. In the event that the action was illegal in nature, the proper authorities will benotified.

    Rule #1: Physical Contact:
    Physical contact beyond that with Marshal approved weapons, packets, or similar objects is notallowed without the expressed consent of all parties involved. Additionally, it is not permitted topurposefully strike your opponent's groin, head, or hands with a Marshal approved weapon, as theseare not legal hit locations and are sensitive to being struck.

    Rule #2: Drugs & Alcohol:
    It is strictly forbidden to play in any Heroic game involving stunts, action, or combat, while underthe influence of alcohol or within six hours of consuming alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to play inany Heroic game whatsoever while under the influence of illegally used drugs, regardless whetherthey were consumed on or off site.

    Rule #3: Hold:
    If any Player or Marshal calls out “HOLD!” it is required that you cease all game actions, cease talking,and avoid looking around you (except in the case of a safety issue) all game participants should closeeyes and take a knee if possible. A hold should only be called for a serious out-of-game reason such asan injury or safety hazard. A Hold should not be called for a rules or situational clarification if theclarification can be easily gained without stopping the game.

    Rule #4: Theft:
    It is strictly forbidden to steal another person's out-of-game items for any reason. If you intend tosteal in-game items, you must have a Rogue Marshal present with you, for your own protection aswell as the player of your intended victim. There is no exception to this rule. If your character stealsan in-game item that is represented by an out-of-game player possession, you must return that propto Logistics or a Rogue Marshal as soon as possible. A Rogue Marshal may not marshal their ownactions under any circumstances.

    Rule #5: Respect:
    Heroic games are activities where emotions can (and should) run high; yet Heroic games are forplayers who can separate in-game emotions and frustrations from out-of-game responses. No Playeror Marshal should ever treat another with disrespect or discourtesy. In order to maintain the Heroicgame environment, all issues or disagreements between Members should be handled politely, andafter a cooling-off period if necessary. The focus on these five basic rules is for legal reasons and tokeep all players and staff as safe as possible. If you witness someone breaking any of these fiveFundamental Rules, please report it to a Heroic Marshal as soon as possible.
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