• Al'Se'War Campaign Rules

    These rules apply to all that participate in the game campaign of Al’se’war.

    Rule #1: Suspension of Action:
    When a player is not at an event, their character is considered to be working, resting, adventuring, orotherwise continuing their day-to-day life. They may not use in-game skills like Production orperform any other actions between events. The player may request periods of activity that can changein game story environments and aspects to take place between events, such as between game actions(BGAs), expedition days (EDs), or paid Adventure Days (PADs) as an alternate at the discretion andavailability of chapter leadership.

    Rule #2: Authority of Staff:
    All players participating in Heroic Interactive Theater events or games are required to comply withall game-related instructions and in-game rulings given by staff members as well as officially postedsigns, notices, and printed instructions. All players participating in Heroic Interactive Theater eventsare required to comply with out-of-game instructions insofar as the instructions do not violate thelaw, the Heroic Interactive Theater fundamental rules, or place the player in harm’s way. If anyplayer believes that a staff ruling or instruction was given improperly or incorrectly, appeals may bedirected towards chapter leadership after the fact, but chapter leadership is under no obligation tooverturn their decision or instructions as they were made at the time.

    Rule #3: Searches and Concealing Possessions:
    The circumstances of gameplay often entail the searching and looting of “dead” or otherwiseincapacitated opponents. A player wishing to search another for their possessions may touch theshoulder or other non-private area of the Target and declare a “Search,” at which point the Target ofthe search is required to relinquish the items tags of any possessions they have on their person, andthe phys-reps for any tagged equipment. It is the option of the target of the search to speak the phrase,“Describe search.” The searcher is then required to name off areas for the target to empty all itemsfrom. Do not hide items in areas where you would feel uncomfortable retrieving them, or where youwould be unable to retrieve them decently.

    Rule #4: Immersion, Rulings, and Continuity:
    The intent of the rules as they are outlined in the subsequent sections of this text is to provide aframework for gameplay. It is not and shall not be used as a strait-jacket of rules that will restrict orexploit players and staff. Where an exploit appears to have been discovered, players are expected toinform chapter leadership to determine if the exploit is intentional before attempting to make use ofit. Plot shall make every reasonable effort to preserve the sanctity and predictability of the core ruleswhen interpreting and exercising those rules during gameplay. However, chapters and staff aregranted the discretion to bend or even break rules to achieve narrative or plot-related goals insofar asthey do not hinder or damage players or their characters unfairly. Rulings by staff members are finaland may only be appealed in private after the fact. Chapter leadership shall make every effort toensure continuity between and as a result of the rulings that they make; players are expected to dothe same in order to avoid instances where revealed facts, effect calls, actions taken, and other eventswould need to be retroactively negated.
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