• Al'Se'War Environment Rules

    Al’se’war is able to maintain a truly unique and immersive game environment when the following
    rules are kept in mind by all players and staff.

    Rule #1: Decorum:
    Al'se'war runs events with the philosophy that while the game is running, you are always In Gameand In Character. Everything – costumes, light sources, beverages, prosthetics, cabin areas – is anopportunity for players to fulfil the Al’se’war decorum rules to the best of their abilities. This meansthat you eat, sleep, and breathe your character across the entire event duration! Specific examplesother than costuming and prosthetic requirements, detailed in their respective sections of this book,are explained below. Few exceptions are made to the decorum rule, but bathrooms especially are out-of-game and will be well-lit with all modern comforts allowed.

    Rule #2: Light Sources:
    No direct light sources are allowed, such as uncovered modern light bulbs and LED lamps.However, you may place shades over incandescent bulbs to dull the light, add filters around theLEDs in more authentic-looking lamps to reduce their intensity, and use period appropriatelamps and light sources While open-flame candles and lamps are allowed, chapter leadershipurges you to use modified LED light sources in place of open-flame light sources. Open flamesmust be attended at all times and extinguished before leaving the room in which they are beingused.

    Rule #3: Beverages:
    All beverages must be drunk from period-appropriate containers when in game areas. No plasticbottles, aluminum soda cans, or other modern drink containers should be seen in the gameenvironment. You are encouraged to bring mugs, drinking horns, modified containers, canteens,and water skins.

    Rule #4: No Out-of-Game Indicators:
    There is no “putting a hand on your head” or a headband to denote being Out of Game atAl’se’war.* Unless very specific permissions have been granted by chapter leadership in advance.Out-of-game clarifications are allowed during the event by speaking the phrase, “Clarify.”Players and staff will avoid discussions of the latest video game or sports team during an event,and avoid openly discussing game rules in a way that will hurt other players’ immersion. Aspecific Marshal will be present for all out-of-game and combat rulings, and his or her tabardwill indicate the specific role in use.

    *Very specific permissions may be granted in advance, by chapter leadership, under specialcircumstances.
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    1. Gimpy's Avatar
      Gimpy -
      Rule #4 Typo, "tabardwill" should have a space there.

      Possible need to change wording on #3, from drunk (I think the word should be drank), consumed would likely be a better word of this IMHO.

      Rule 2, Typo "leadershipurges" should have a space there. Also, "flamesmust" needs a space as well as "beingused".
      needs to be a space between first and second sentence.

      Rule 1, "Gameand" needs space, "book,are" needs spacing, "examplesother" needs spacing, "meansthat" needs spacing, "anopportunity" needs spacing.
    1. Lawwill's Avatar
      Lawwill -
      Thank you I will look into this during the last edits of the new book.
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