• The Gigantis

    Base Strength: 3 Bonus Health: 5
    Appearance/Demeanor: Goblins have green or greenish-tan skin, long pointed ears, a long pointed
    noise, and sharp fangs. They are greedy and acquisitive by nature, and deceitful, but their treachery
    can be as much an asset as it can be a curse.
    Lies in the Blood: Once per tide, Goblins may ignore a control effect at their discretion or break
    free from a control effect they are currently suffering; they are not required to call a protective,
    no effect, or remedy in order to exercise this ability.
    Cowardice: The society of the Goblins is vicious and ruthless, resulting in an inborn fear that
    inhabits the psychology of every goblin. Goblins receive all terrify effects as Force effects,
    regardless of the delivery type. Any terrify effect that affects a Goblin has its duration increased
    to at least “long.”
    Resistant to Poison: Goblins are permitted to purchase the Resist Poison skill.

    Base Strength: 5 Bonus Health: 15
    Appearance/Demeanor: Ogres have dark tan or yellow-grey skin, long, braided hair, tribal tattoos,and tusks. Their demeanor is slow and terse. Individuals often mistake this for dull wits, to theirsubstantial cost. Their culture is tribal and clan-oriented, but outcasts are common.
    Heavy Handed: As a ten-second counted action in which the Ogre growls, shouts, takes deepbreaths, or otherwise “powers up” an Ogre may call the next Physical effect they deliver as aHard effect. This effect must be expended within one minute.
    Weak Mind: Ogres receive all control effects as Force effects, regardless of their actual deliverytype. Any control effect which affects an Ogre has its duration extended to at least Long.
    Resistant to Hard: Ogres may purchase the Resist Hard skill.

    Base Strength: 4 Bonus Health: 10
    Appearance/Demeanor: Orcs have green, dark tan, or pale grey skin and tusks that protrude fromtheir mouths. Orcs also typically have rough features, deep brows, and long black hair, althoughother hair colors are prevalent as well.
    Fury of Green Blood: As a ten-second counted action in which the Orc growls, shouts, takesdeep breaths, or otherwise “powers up” an Orc may call a Magic Enrage effect upon themselves.While under the influence of any enrage effect, an Orc receives one additional base strengthpoint per 50 experience points the character possesses.
    Wrath of the Horde: Orcs receive all enrage effects as force effects, regardless of their deliverytype. Any enrage effect an orc suffers has its duration extended to at least Long. Once an orc hasbecome enraged, they become immune to calm effects until they are slain or suffer a sleep orunconsciousness effect.
    Resistant to Hard: Orcs are permitted to purchase the Resist Hard skill.

    Base Strength: 5 Bonus Health: 20
    Appearance/Demeanor: Trolls have deep green skin or blackish green skin. They also have long nosesand tusks which may be short or long. The trolls are withdrawn and brooding, forsaken by society,and carry with them a deep seated anger towards “civilized” species.
    Living Blood: Trolls may call a two minute regenerate effect on themselves at will. This effecttriggers automatically if the troll dies.
    Anathema of Flame: If a troll takes flame damage of any kind during their regeneration or wasslain by flame damage, the regeneration immediately fails and their dissipation count is reducedto one minute.
    Resistant to Hard: Trolls are permitted to purchase the Resist Hard skill.
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