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    Base Strength: 3 Bonus Health: 10
    Appearance/Demeanor: Dwarves have long, braided beards, large noses, and runic tattooing on their skin. Dwarf females can but do not need to have a beard. They are characterized by a gruff, irritable demeanor. They are quick to anger and slow to trust strangers. They ferociously defend their honor and take their fighting very seriously.
    Robust Constitution: Dwarves are hardy and tough by nature. They receive double body points
    from their accumulated experience point total.
    Dwarven Rage: Dwarves are characterized by an inner, latent rage. Dwarves receive all enrage
    effects as force effects, regardless of their actual delivery type. A dwarf who suffers an enrage
    effect has its duration extended to at least Long. Enrage effects present on dwarves may only be
    removed by Purge effects or Death.
    Resistant to Poison: Dwarves are permitted to purchase the Resist Poison skill.

    Base Strength: 2 Bonus Health: 5
    Appearance/Demeanor: Gnomes have wild and unkempt hair and a wily, scatter-brained demeanor.They often have wizened features and wrinkles, along with ruddy skin and tufts of hair growing fromtheir ears. Gnome males have moustaches and/or goatees.
    Fortunate Spirit: Gnomes are immune to all spells which directly inhibit or impede their ability to use gameskills or act of their own free will (control effects, disable effects, etc). They are not immune to effects which affect only their body,such as slow or disease effects.
    Fragile Constitution: Gnomes receive all Ruin effects as force effects, regardless of the actualdelivery type. A gnome who suffers a Ruin effect becomes vulnerable to all damage types insteadof only the stated type.
    Resistant to Poison: Gnomes are permitted to purchase the Resist Poison skill.

    Base Strength: 3 Bonus Health: None
    Appearance/Demeanor: Humans are as varied in personality, physical appearance, demeanor, society,dress, and culture as we are. There are no special requirements for role-play or costuming other thanperiod-appropriate clothing when playing a human.
    Racial Features: None
    Racial Disadvantages: None

    Base Strength: 3 Bonus Health: 10
    Appearance/Demeanor: The Oodine are a species of aquatic beings. They have long, sleek features,with slanted eyebrows, and gills on both sides of the base of their necks. They typically have webbedhands, feet, and ears, and ridged fins tipped with barbs. Their skin often has a greenish or bluish tinge,particularly around their faces, necks, and the backs of their hands and forearms. They are extremelyreserved in their personalities, and speak rarely, and only on subjects of relevance and importance.
    Gift of the Waves: The Oodine can breathe underwater. Furthermore, they receive double thebenefit from all healing effects.
    Body of Salt and Sea: The skin and blood of the Oodine is perfused with water and salt. TheOodine are permanently vulnerable to lightning damage.Resistant to Poison: The Oodine are permitted to purchase the Resist Poison skill.
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