• Antediluvian Arts

    What is Antediluvian Magics?

    Antediluvian Arts and rituals are a magic that is forbidden in Angtheryus. Antediluvian magic is classified a practice of the true black arts. What this magic does is call upon the powers of the Dark Realms themselves through the use of rare materials, sacrifices, and specific powers. This magic is an art that deals in the control and manipulation of anti-life itself. Essentially, it creates from nothing and the vise verse. This magic can use powers through rituals and can take and contort energies on multiple scales for many malign purposes.

    The first Antediluvian magics can be traced back to prehistoric, ritualistic arts of the ancestors. They were discovered a long time ago in the lands of Is'lay by Chaos cults of old. The cults used this dark magic to crush early kingdoms, and there are many ruins of them left behind. Since these acts, all have feared the mention of the Antediluvian arts. At some point it was surmised that the arts were based on the invocation of demons or spirits and this theory was an accepted part of Antediluvian history. However, after more research this issue was dismissed and the truth was discovered that this magic called upon the dark hand of the Chaos lords for power, via sacrifice worship or deification of such spiritual beings. While destruction, controlling, cursing, and summoning may be lightly accepted Antediluvian practices, the magic has its own distinct history and traditions. This history has little to do with the traditions of modern spell casting that is nothing but manipulating the Ether. However, all knowledge, study and use of this magic is forbidden and all documents are destroyed upon the discovery before the magic falls in the wrong hands.
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